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Keys to the Kingdom
In the “Lord’s Prayer”  Yeshua prayed to the Father: “Your Kingdom Come”.  A few minutes later Yeshua told all those around Him to “Seek first the Kingdom of God“.  To facilitate this, Yeshua told us that He would give us the “Keys to the Kingdom“.

As you embrace the love, life and the infinite blessings that Yeshua offers, you can live as the son or daughter of God that you were made to be.  You have a destiny to fulfill.

It won’t just happen
However, regardless of how much you “wish” for it, the transition into living life in the Kingdom of God doesn’t “just happen”: It demands commitment.

For this purpose, Yeshua has given us “Keys” to His Kingdom that He is eager for you to learn, embrace and incorporate:  Keys that will enable you to unlock the mysteries of life.

Keys; a symbol of access, authority, purpose, privilege, power, and responsibility.  This is a small part of what is available to you by way of the Keys to the Kingdom.  As a child of God, you were created to walk in Kingdom authority, accomplishing the Kingdom purposes of the Most High God, for His glory.

It’s time to step into your destiny.

Whether the War for American Independence was ever really concluded or not is questionable: But either way, a revolution in America is unquestionably underway.

While some may be unaware of it, others can plainly see that shots are being fired by way of social media and numerous other targets. 

The war of ideals is blasting away and it will continue to intensify until it becomes an American civil war.  This civil war will not be well defined as the first war between the states. There will not be a clear delineation of sides and it will be fought on the axis of right and wrong, good and evil, Yeshua and satan, and in some cases, religious (religious Christians, muslims, Catholics, etc.) vs. the nonreligious followers of Yeshua, perhaps “conservatives”, etc.).

In this process will arise a new breed of Godly warrior.  These spiritual soldiers will answer to the Most High God and He will answer them.  Through these mighty ones, great exploits will go forth in the Name of El’ Shaddai’.

The Bible speaks of a great shaking, at the end of days, such as the world has never known.

Therefore I will make the heavens tremble, And the earth will be shaken from its place at the fury of the LORD of hosts in the day of His burning anger.
Isaiah 13:13

As a part of this shaking, there has been and will be a final outpouring of the Spirit of God in healing and revival here on the earth. It will be such an outpouring that the world will marvel at the awesome power and authority of the Messiah.

So rejoice, O sons of Zion, And be glad in the LORD your God; For He has given you the early rain for your vindication. And He has poured down for you the rain, the early and latter rain as before.
Joel 2:23

The Kingdom of God will Meet Resistance
Obviously, this great move of healing and revival, taking back what the devil has stolen from every person and place, will not go unnoticed by the adversary, the satan (1 Peter. 5:8).

Moves of God are usually met with resistance. The Bible tells us that resistance will grow until the satan succumbs to complete and utter humiliating defeat.  I am looking forward to that day.

Being aware of these realities, and most importantly knowing how to partner with Yeshua and others to survive and to even defeat the satan, are critical components to your personal survival, the fulfilling of what God has called you to do, and the victory of this revolution.

Called to Reign Even Now
Views of the end times vary but regardless of one’s perspective, God’s people are unquestionably called to “rule and reign” with the Messiah. This isn’t a call to physical arms; rather it is a call to “spiritual arms”.

It is a call to take back what the devil has stolen from people; health, broken lives, liberty, finances, broken hearts, destinies, marriages, peace, joy, love, wealth, broken relationships and so much more.

The Bible is clear: We are to seek first the Kingdom of God, right NOW! We are not to wait until we “die and go to heaven”.  In fact, to do so is a sin as it is contrary to the instructions of the Bible.

For these purposes, those residing in the Kingdom of God should be vigorously reaching out and seeking revival throughout the land: And they are.  Sure evil is flourishing but along with that, God is moving throughout America and even the world. Where sin abounds, grace abounds much more.

We are to Live Out The Kingdom of God Now…In Christ
Matthew 6:33 says to “…seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

And remember Matthew 6:10; Yeshua Himself prayed “‘Your kingdom come. Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven.

In that prayer Yeshua was clearly not only referring to thousands of years later: Rather He was praying that the power and authority of God’s Kingdom would manifest itself on earth beginning at that moment and from then on.

How can that happen today? The same way it has always been accomplished; by His Word and Spirit expressed through His people.

He has told us that, if we seek Him, He will give us the keys to the Kingdom.

As I mentioned above, Keys are a symbol of access, authority, purpose, privilege, power, and responsibility.  This is just a small part of what is available to you.  As a child of God, you were created to walk in Kingdom power and authority, accomplishing the plans and purposes of the Most High God for His glory.  However, these things aren’t just going to happen.  There are “keys to the kingdom” that must be put into service in order for them to be effective.

I partner with others to bring Kingdom lives, with a Kingdom lifestyle, into reality.  If you are seeking the higher things of God, I hope you will join us.

As Kings and Priests unto the Kingdom of God, a whole new paradigm is waiting for you to step into.

Yeshua is equipping, training and preparing a powerful, spiritual army that is dedicated to Him and God’s glory.  More

Confession: Father God,  I commit myself to You: All that I have, all that I am and all that I will be.  In Yeshua’s name, today I declare that by faith, the Keys of the Kingdom are mine.  They are mine because I am in covenant with the King of the Kingdom and He has given them to me.

Prayer: Father God thank you that You live in me.  Please help me to release myself wholly to you so that I can utilize what You have given me so that, I can bless others and, You can be glorified.

Dr. Rayphe
God’s Kingdom Realm

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