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What does God think about guns? Are guns bad? evil? firearms? Assault weapons ban

Should guns or firearms be banned in America?

Are guns “bad”? Are guns evil? Should guns be outlawed? Should it be illegal to own a gun / firearm, or “assault” rifle?

This report from The National Center for Biotechnology Information indicates that “obesity causes about 300,000 deaths per year in the United States.” THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND! So does that mean we should outlaw refrigerators or should we just focus our attention instead on food? Both?

That same report that says that obesity is a leading cause of death in America also says that obesity is second only to smoking. So why aren’t the socialists / communists whining about obesity and cigarettes? Should we institute food and cigarette “bans”?

Are vehicles evil because they are employed in approximately 40,231 deaths per year in America?

Are prescription drugs evil because approximately 128,000 Americans die from them annually? (maybe so…) Did you get that? ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY EIGHT THOUSAND……. Where is the outrage about that?

Is Alcohol evil because approximated 88,000 Americans die from alcohol-related causes annually?

Is water evil because approximately 4,000 Americans die every year due to boating and drowning incidents?

Is falling evil? After all, approximately 36,338 people in America do die annually from falling!

Are chemicals evil? Approximately 64,795 people in America succumb to them every year?

All of these suggestions are absurd, aren’t they? Yes; just as absurd as the rediculous statements that are put forth to support restrictive gun laws.

Shootings in Chicago: Home of barak obama and his comrad rahm emanuel
It seems that if there were any place in America that gun control laws would, work it would be Chicago; the home of barak obama and his comrade rahm emanuel.

Chicago has a reputation of having strict gun laws. Perhaps their ineffectiveness is part of the reason that the communists conveniently neglect to discuss Chicago; one of the most violent cities in America.

The Chicago gun laws don’t seem to change the fact that in 2016, there were an average of 63.5 murders by firearm there every MONTH.

This figure dwarfs ANY single shooting event on American soil in modern history. The only one that even comes close is the tragic Reno slaughter in which of course a motive was “never determined”. To my knowledge, no other shooting has even come close to the Reno shooting in regards to the number of people murdered.

There are many ways of looking at things. The information above was mostly gathered from the United States government, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and other sources that are mostly not conservative.

As you can see from that information, there are many other influences in America that are statistically far more dangerous and even deadly than guns. In fact statistically, obesity, smoking, and prescription drugs DWARF the numbers of death by firearm.

In fact, as proven many times over, guns themselves do not cause any injury or deaths. As proof of this, I refer you to the 132-year-old rifle in the picture above which was found leaning against a tree in the Nevada desert. There is no indication whatsoever that it has committed even one crime in its long and arduous history. In fact, it is reported that it hasn’t even moved and the evidence seems to confirm that.

National Firearm statistics
National Firearm statistics seem to be all over the board. Snopes is a liberal website that is often quoted so here is what Snopes says regarding firearm statistics in the United States for 2016:

“According to FBI data for 2016, there were 15,070 murders committed in the United States with firearms.”

That number would increase a little if accidental deaths were included but the communists don’t seem to be concerned about that.

Don’t be fooled or dismayed by the constant, demonic smokescreens that the communists are always throwing up. As we see in the garden, the devil is a master at deception. As his representatives, they are pretty good at it too.

What I have reviewed in this article is the defense of guns from a statistical perspective which is largely how the communists / socialists argue against gun ownership.

This article does not even touch upon the many affirmative reasons that gun ownership saves lives and prevents property loss every day. I will address that in another article however those figures are more difficult to reference because many of them go unreported.

It also doesn’t address the Second Amendment of the American Constitution, the fallacy of “assault weapons”, high capacity magazines, or other significant considerations most importantly of which is the very clear Biblical support and mandate for the protection of life which I will also address in the future.

Blessings in Yeshua

Parson Rayphe, Dr.
www.God’s Kingdom Realm

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