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Are Churches Required To Be A 501c3 Corporations?

God’s Kingdom Podcast: God VS 501c3 churches P.1

Before addressing the 501c3 status it is important to understand a few things about the status of individual believers in the Kingdom of God. In the Bible, the word "church" never refers to a building: It is always people.  The word "church" is translated from the Greek word "Ecclesia" which…

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Myrrh Essential Oil In The Bible. Jesus's Resurection

Podcast: Myrrh is the oil of life

A sachet of myrrh is my beloved, like a tied-up bundle of myrrh resting over my heart.Song of Solomon 1:13 Myrrh is one of the oils that the wise men presented to Yeshua at His birth: It is replete with Biblical significance. It is bitter to the taste but sweet…

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