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What does the Bible say about the second amendment, what would Jesus think about the Second Amendment and the constitution or the Declaration of independence? Should Christians carry guns? Those who live by the sword die by the sword

Apostle Peter’s view of the Second Amendment

One time, while I was in the military, I was being attacked by a fellow co-worker for absolutely no reason (that kind of thing isn’t really very uncommon).

They only tackle the man with the ball
In that context, a very kind, supportive supervisor told me “they only tackle the man with the ball”. Those few words have stuck with me ever since.

Apostle Peter walked out the things of God
I think those words apply to Apostle Peter very well also: They only tackle the man with the ball. Like many people, I identify with Peter quite a lot so maybe I’m a little sensitive about him… I don’t know: But, over the years, I have commented many times that he receives far more criticism than any of the other Apostles yet Peter is the ONLY Apostle who had enough faith to step out of the boat. He is the ONLY one in the Bible (other than Yeshua) to walk on water, he is one of the very few in the Bible to actually raise someone from the dead, and his sermon in Acts chapter 2 is arguably one of the very best in the entire Bible: Perhaps second only to Yeshua’s “Sermon on the Mount”. Still, it is Peter who is the target of much criticism.

Why is that? I can tell you why. It is Peter who tried. It is Peter who had enough faith and courage to step out of the boat (both literally and figuratively).

Peter is criticized
It is Peter who is criticized so much even though we don’t even know nearly as much about any of the other Apostles as we know about Peter: Perhaps with the exception of John and then, of course, Apostle Paul. Most of them we know little or nothing about other than their name yet many are quick to attack Peter, “the man with the ball”.

After Yeshua’s earthly ministry was complete, when it came time for Him to surrender Himself to the religious people of the day, they came to arrest him at Gethsemane.

It was then, after spending three years with the Master, that Peter pulled out his sword and cut off the ear of one of the guards.

Peter carried a fighting sword
It is important to note that the referenced sword in that verse was not one of Peter’s old fishing knives. The text specifically says SWORD. What’s more, the word sword there is translated from the Greek word machaira. It is the same word that Yeshua used when He told His disciples that if they didn’t have a sword they needed to sell their coats and buy one.

A machaira was the top fighting instrument of the day that was somewhat accessible. It would be sort of equivalent to today’s M16. Generally speaking, it was available only to the military.

AR15 and M16
Unless you have been in that world you may not be familiar with an M-16. An M-16 is the military version of the AR15. On a civilian AR15, you have to pull the trigger every time you want to release a bullet.

On the other hand, an M16 is capable of fully automatic fire. The M16 is capable of firing 800 rounds per minute. If you had a way of feeding it that many bullets, mechanically, the M16 could cycle that many rounds through it.

Currently, it is illegal to purchase an M16 without going through a special process that few take the trouble to do. Like the M16, Peter’s Machaira was also a military weapon.

This is important. So please think about the following for a moment.

Peter carried the most modern weapon available to him

After three years of living with the Messiah, sitting in on countless Torah teachings, being included in His most inner circle, serving him faithfully, etc., etc., etc., Apostle Peter carried with him, an M16 equivalent.

Peter’s main goal in life was to serve Yeshua. So what does the fact that after three years, Peter was carrying an M16 of the day tell you? It should tell you many things but one is this: Neither Yeshua nor Peter had a problem with someone carrying a very potent weapon to help defend themself. Both Yeshua and Peter felt that carrying an effective, viable weapon to defend yourself with is a prudent thing to do. In fact, Yeshua told His disciples to do just that.

Apostle Peter was well trained
It is also pretty much agreed upon by Bible scholars that Peter was well trained. Most scholars agree that Peter could not have struck the man’s ear, with his sword, if he had not been well trained.

So, not only would Peter encourage the people of God to be well-armed, so that they could defend themselves, but he would also encourage everyone to be well trained and practiced with their weapon.

Peter would know that as a follower of Jesus, He would want you to do everything possible to preserve life. Therefor:

Peter would definitely be in favor of the Second Amendment: Apostle Peter would be a Second Amendment advocate.

Peter and Yeshua would be Second Amendment supporters
There is absolutely, positively NO question that if Peter were walking among us today, He would be a Second Amendment supporter. As far as that goes, so would Yeshua.

There is also no doubt that both of them would say that those who live by the sword will die from it. However living for and trusting in an M16, AR15, or ANY weapon is very, VERY different than simply possessing a firearm for the purpose of defending yourself and / or others.

I believe that they would also remind us that the authority to protect life does not come from the state but from God Himself: And therefore, the state has no authority to abrogate that responsibility so make sure you have a good quality firearm, that is suitable to defend yourself with, and train to become competent with it.

However, they would also both say that primarily, the weapons of our warfare are spiritual in nature,

Blessings in Yeshua
Parson Rayphe
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