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God’s Kingdom Realm Podcast Summary: Tabernacle With God Today

God’s Kingdom Realm Podcast Summary: Tabernacle with God Today

After News, Commentary, and announcements, at approxmately 14:10 Parson Rayphe begins this year’s coverage of Tabernacles of “Sukkot”.

He addresses the various names for “Tabernacles”, various places it is referenced in Scripture, the meaning and purpose of Sukkot, and much more.

In Nehemiah we see that Israel as Israel reconnected with their God through the Torah they saw that Israel had celebrated Sukkot in days gone by and how they should have been doing the same.

Today we find ourselves in the same situation. The Appointed Times of God have been there all along. It’s past time for God’s people to align with Him and enjoy the “life that only God can give.

Parson Rayphe
God’s Kingdom Realm

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