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America and the Kingdom of God
America's Godly Heritage is based upon the Declaration of Independence and the United State Constitution

History is clear that there was tremendous evil influence in the creation of America.  There was also tremendous Godly influence.

God had his hand in the creation of America.  He still has a plan for America to fulfill.  America is to be a light to the world in the Kingdom of God.

America's future depends upon what God's people do; whether we repent, and turn toward Him or if we continue to ignore Him and go our own way.

We have several prophetic words that God has given us along these lines.  I post them here as I have time.

Biblical Law
Christian Life Coach

When asked about failing so many times to make a light bulb Thomas Edison reportedly said: "I have not failed 1,000 times.  I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to not make a light bulb."

Our lives would be so much easier AND BETTER if we would partner with others who have our best interest at heart.

As a Christian life - transitions, and healing coach I can help you align with God as you fulfill His plans and purposes through your life so that you can come out on the other side even stronger and more confident than before. Are you seeking health, healing, and wholeness?  Let's seek God's perfect plan for your life and watch the mighty works that He does!

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dissociation, Disociative Identity Disorder, DID, Multiple Personality Disorder, MPD, satanic ritual abuse, torture, PTSD, Post traumatic stress disorderDissociation is also known as DID or Dissociative Identity Disorder: It was previously known as  Multiple Personality Disorder or MPD.

It is a God-given phenomena that helps victims survive severe abuse and other forms of trauma; usually as children, or sometimes military personnel in times of war, first responders, etc.

Dissociation is often associated with satanic ritual abuse of children during which the victim is severely tortured.

DID occurs when a part of the mind separates from the rest in order to hold a severe memory that the victim would otherwise be incapable of processing.

As a Christian counseling ministry that also ministers online, we can help you sort through these difficult issues.

Please contact us if we can be of assistance Dr. Rayphe


Emergency Preparedness
End Times
Fellowship Groups

There are many who are seeing and sensing a new wave of God that has all of the earmarks of Revival.

However, it is different than before.  This revival is taking shape OUTside the walls of the institutional churches.

People are looking for something REAL, something that is relevant.  To find it, some leave the faith while others are finding what they were missing in Fellowship Groups.  We don't call them "Home Groups" because they don't have to meet in a house.

You may have heard the term "Fellowship groups, home groups, small groups, cell groups, or home church.  These are good things; but not exactly what we are talking about.

Fellowship Communities support each other throughout the week, in various ways, and then join together when possible.

For the Apostles and disciples, this was their way of life.  It is one way that they "turned the world upside down"This way of life is foreign to many in America, but for Christians in other countries, it is considered normal. Though it is still not as common in America, for the last twenty years we have found that God can move in Fellowship Communities more effectively and consistently than in any other setting.

Many of us who identify with this lifestyle are unable to connect with anyone local who is like-minded.  If that is you, please contact us to see how you can be a part of our Online Community.

As part of the Revival that is brewing, Dr. Rayphe facilitates, promotes and consults for Fellowship Communities.

God's Kingdom Podcast
Christian healing, wholenss, wellness, Pastoral counseling, inner healing, deliverance, online community

Kingdom of God internet Radio and Podcast Pastor Welcome to the Podcast archive of Parson Rayphe's "God's Kingdom" Radio Program which airs daily on Kingdom Realm Radio.

By defeating sin and death Jesus / Yeshua made the fulness of the Kingdom of God available to all who would believe on Him in EVERY area of life.  This means you.

As a child of God, you were created to walk in healing, wholeness, wellness, and authority.  With God, life transformation is possible.

"God's Kingdom" live radio program and podcast is hosted by Parson Rayphe to help you be all you can be in the Kingdom of God: spirit, soul, mind, and body.

God's Kingdom Radio
A Christian Pastoral holistic Counselor discusses inner healing, physical healing, Biblical health, and revival.  There is also a Daily devotional and other applicable ways to help you be all you can be in Christ.
Healing (Coach) God's Way

Americans have been conditioned to call the doctor for every ache and pain for everything from a hurt knee to negative thoughts.  Often symptoms are relieved without the root of the problem being addressed

However, God's desire is that you walk in health.  His plan for you includes resolving root issues so that symptoms are eradicated.

The Bible addresses healing for both inner and physical infirmities.  Healing and maintaining your healing can be quite involved.  Every situation is unique and so as a healing coach I work closely with you to develop a plan to help you reach your healing goals.

"Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you". Mt. 6:33

Holy Spirit
Kingdom Realm Radio

Christian internet radio for healing and transition.  We play applicable and relevant talk radio programming with encouraging and inspirational music.

Prevention, Preparedness, and Protection
Prophecy: Prophetic warnings for America
. Prophetic word for America: Judgment of God is coming if America doesn't repent. Christian Remnant Radio

I have several prophetic Words from God that are dire warnings to America.  I will post them as I have time.

America: Return to the love of God.  Turn from sin and iniquity.  Embrace the love and holiness of Yahweh God through His Son Yeshua.

Judgment is upon you for the gross sin and iniquity that you embrace and / or refuse to stop.

Repent! It is not too late but very soon it WILL be! Seek God while He may be found.

Do you have a close, personal relationship with Jesus?  If not please click here.

Restoring BIBLICAL Israel (Not the Jewish state gov't)
Ritual abuse
Also see "Trauma and PTSD" Click here
Sacred Journey
Song of Solomon
Spiritual Warfare

spiritual warfare, satan, evil spirits, devil, God, demons

One of the most effective methods of deception that satan (the devil) has utilized is to make people, particularly Christians, think that he doesn't exist.

In doing so he has accomplished many things; one is shifting the blame for bad things in the world over to Yahweh, the God of the Bible; and another is instead of addressing the source of bad things in their own lives, people (including Christians) just write them off to "bad karma".

While in the church I grew up in, during my teen years, in frustration I remember asking "why do we always have to be on the defensive?"

I was referring to satan and evil.  No one there had the answer to that question, leading me to believe that, as Christians, we were left defenseless.

However, that was incorrect.  We don't have to be at the mercy of the devil. There are many ways to be on the spiritual offense.

I pray the information in these articles is helpful.

If you would like additional assistance feel free to contact me for a no-obligation consultation.

Dr. Rayphe

The institutional church and the Kingdom of God

People are leaving institutional churches at record setting rates. These searching souls are looking for reality and relevance.

I was raised in a typical American church.  Later, (now many years ago) God touched me in a profound way while sitting in a (different) church building.

In both instances, I was clearly shown gaping holes in institutional churches:  Holes that even the most committed (as I was) can easily fall through (which I did).  You will be able to read about that and much more, here as time goes on.

Later I became a Pastor.  For several years I thought that if I could practice a modified version of what God had shown me the church should be that I could help people see the simplicity and value of being a part of it.  As a "Pastor" I tried to keep the "church" experience familiar enough that it wouldn't seem foreign to the American culture yet authentic enough to be of value.

However, no matter how I tried, By compromising I was unable to convey the Biblical model of "church" while remaining connected to that framework.

It's so very important to remember that the "church"  is people.  It's not a meeting, building, or a corporation.

There is nothing wrong with meeting in a large building, when the need arises, but God has a whole new wineskin waiting for His people coming to us right from the book of Acts.  It includes far more than just taking a large church meeting and figuring out how to downsize it into a small group or home.

So today I minister in healing, counseling, and revival while facilitating and promoting Fellowship Groups.  I also consult for others who are interested in living out a Biblical lifestyle in this way.

You might also find our articles about Fellowship Groups helpful.

May God richly bless you in your journey. Feel free to contact me if I can be of service. Dr. Rayphe

Trauma & PTSD

Trauma, Dissaciation, DID, emotional, PTSD, Christian Pastoral Counselor, inner healing, Christian counselor, deliverance, demons Trauma occurs when our physical or emotional resources are overwhelmed and we are unable to cope with the circumstances and conditions.

God has designed built-in safeguards to help contain trauma in order to help us survive.  However, these safeguards were only designed as temporary solutions.  If trauma treatment is delayed, related symptoms often appear.

There are many symptoms of trauma: some include night terrors, emotional instability, anger, memory loss, a variety of physical symptoms depression, dysfunction and more.

God can help with trauma, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Contact us here for more.

Dr. Rayphe

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