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Awareness, Awareness, Awareness

Woman doused with gasoline and lit on fire
Recently a woman was standing in a Taco Bell in Tallahassee, Florida, when a black male entered the building, doused her with gasoline, lit her on fire, and then ran back out the door. The black male was caught the next morning. No other significant information or a motive has been released.

As I was trying to find more information about this story I came across a similar story.

Black woman slashes older white man’s throat
A black woman around 30 or so was in a Taco Bell hassling the employees about something at the counter. A larger white man in his late 50’s or early 60’s said something to try to end the conflict. The woman left the store.

The man was standing in the Taco Bell looking the other direction when the black woman reentered the building, walked past him, slashed his neck with a knife, and kept right on walking out the door. She was out the door before anyone even knew what had happened.

The man had his head turned and didn’t even see the woman approaching. She slashed his neck from his ear to his adams apple, barely missing his jugular vein.

As I have said many times before, no amount of training, no weapon, no tools of any kind will help you if you are not aware of your surroundings at all times.

Some things are very difficult to prevent
Some things are very, very difficult to prevent regardless of your awareness or avoidance efforts. However, both of these victims probably would have had different outcomes had they been a little more vigilant and had they been practiced to properly respond to a threat.

Firearms are often not the answer
A lot of people who carry firearms are quite snobbish about the necessity for practicing personal protection tactics, etc. ,
They fail to realize various aspects of personal protection. One is, a firearm is often not feasible at very close distances and two, without practicing awareness, it is VERY possible that a person would never have the opportunity to draw a handgun. Both of these situations might bear that out.

Also, remember that there are multitudes of unstable people at large in society today. Don’t take anything for granted when it comes to your safety or the safety of others.

Remember, awareness, awareness, awareness, and avoidance, avoidance, avoidance.

Dr. Rayphe
As time goes on America will grow more and more hostile and more and more violent. In order to survive, God’s people will need to accept a new reality that may be difficult for some to comprehend.

Dr. Rayphe was has been a student of Personal protection, home security, and various aspects of crime prevention for many years. His years of being in military police, a police officer, Pastoring and counseling ministry has provided him with a broader and deeper perspective to these issues. As a Bible-based instructor / Coach part of Dr. Rayphe’s ministry is helping God’s people to be prepared.

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