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Christian Pastoral counselor: Online counseling for depression, dysfunction, abuse, spiritual, emotional, verbal, marriage
Healing Coach, online, podcast, God has a plan for your life

In our Western world, any time you have an issue, rather than seeking God you are expected to go to someone secularly trained so that they can solve your problem. 

If you have a medical problem then you are expected to go to the secular medical doctor.  If you have an emotional issue then you are expected to go to the secular psychiatrist.

Obviously, the secular world has utilized God’s knowledge to help some people. However, while the Bible may not specifically instruct God’s people to refrain from pagan doctors, counselors, etc., the basic principles are there and it does specifically speak to the privilege and responsibility of embracing and invoking the promises of God, His healing, His medicine,  and His ways on these matters.

Having said that; it is noteworthy that even secular statistics indicate that 50% to 80% of all illness is rooted in emotions.  Some statistics are as low as 50% but most are in the upper range of the spectrum and some even higher.

The drastic effects that things which can not be seen with the physical eye have on the human body can be devastating.  Since walking in a healing mantle God has continued to grant His grace as I minister faith-filled healing for the spirit, soul, and body.

First and foremost healing is a choice.  For any approach to be effective you must want to be healed.  If you do, God can help if you are willing to trust Him.

I am available for group ministry, coaching and individual ministry all as The Lord leads.

God is raising up a company of Kings and Priests to represent Him in the Kingdom of God.  He wants us to be healthy and healed spiritually, mentally, and physically in spirit, soul, and body.

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