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Remnant Briefing 12-24-19

Series of strong earthquakes strike off Vancouver Island in Canada

Geologic activity continues to be active around the world; particularly the Pacific Rim.

CBC – No damage is expected after four earthquakes struck off the northwest end of Vancouver Island Monday. The tremors began as minor quakes but grew stronger as the morning turned to afternoon. Earthquakes Canada said the first tremor measured 5.1, the second had a magnitude of 5.6, the third measured 5.8 and the fourth — the strongest — registered at 6.0.

Speaking after the first four quakes had been reported, Schaeffer said the area in the Pacific off Vancouver Island is a hot spot for quakes, with magnitude 5 ones recorded several times a year.

“Having four in a row is a little more than what we would usually have anticipated but certainly not out of the norm for this active region,” he said. More

Italian exorcist says society risks collapse due to ‘aggressive Satanism’

ROME – One long-time Catholic exorcist has sounded an alarm over what he called an uptick in “aggressive Satanism,” especially among young people, which he insists is due in part to the rapid growth of cultural secularism and a lack of strong role models.

Among other things, Dominican Father Francois Dermine said, exposure to the demonic at a young age encourages violence, ranging from bullying to more serious manifestations.

“There are many groups of satanism,” Dermine said, noting that internet exposure has also increased, and references to the demonic are increasingly prevalent in videogames and school games such as the “Charlie Charlie challenge,” in which players cross two pencils on a grid with sectors marking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and ask a supernatural being, “Charlie,” to answer the questions they ask.

“Satanism is getting much more aggressive and also diffused,” Dermine said. Speaking to Crux, he faulted growth in secularism, which he said retired pontiff Benedict XVI dedicated much of his papacy to fighting, as one of the main causes. More

Beth Moore Urges Faith Leaders to Repent for a Myriad of Sins Including Nationalism, Abuse of Power

I was reserving judgment on Beth Boore but not anymore…

In a series of tweets last week, Christian leader and author Beth Moore decried the “increasingly amoral condition of our country” and pleaded with her fellow faith leaders to repent for the “sins of nationalism, racism, sexism, hatred, white supremacy, murder, our lying, our cheating, our bribing, our abuse of power, our bloodthirst, our greed.”

Christianity today wrote the article calling for President Trumps removal from office … that was in a tweet.

In reply Beth Moore tweeted… my hat’s off to you… More

Idaho lawmaker part of domestic terrorism probe

The abuse that Representative Heather Scott (ID) and Representative Matt Shea (WA) are taking is a travesty. Support them. They are working for you…. Much of what you will read in mainstream media will be lies. It appears that much of the supposed report that began all of this is a lie.

Watch the video below and listen to a short interview about the situation HERE.

Do some research on your own. I devoted the last half of today’s briefing to them. Following is one article to get you started.

BOISE — Rep. Heather Scott is mentioned multiple times in report on Washington legislator. Her code name: greenbean. Her assigned task during “Operation Armed Backyard” — identify Patriot bail bondsmen.

These are among the more than a dozen references to Idaho state Rep. Heather Scott, R-Blanchard, in a 100-page investigative report prepared for the Washington House of Representatives on one of its members, Rep. Matt Shea, R-Spokane Valley, whose eastern Washington district in Spokane County abuts Idaho.

The report found “Shea participated in an act of domestic terrorism against the United States.” More

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