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Remnant Briefing 12-3-19

Following are some of the highlights of today’s Remnant Breifing.

  • France and the European Union say they will retaliate if President Trump acts on a threat to impose duties of up to 100% on imports of champagne, handbags and other French products. Whether President Trump is correct or not, this would create more strain on product availability
  • Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg says that people are failing to grasp the anger of the younger generation in the face of climate change. Is she correct?
  • The Trump administration would like to enact a new regulation that would require all travelers that are entering or leaving the United States, including U.S. citizens, to be photographed. Is this a good idea? Can it be trusted? DNA samples too?
  • The typhoon that struck the Philippines left at least four people dead and forced hundreds of thousands to abandon their homes and shut Manila’s international airport.
  • Pharmaceutical companies, as well as the nation of Canada, are resisting a proposal from President Trump that would allow Americans to buy cheaper medications from Canada. The Trump administration is standing strong.
  • This is difficult to believe but a sign of the times: A Canadian woman was arrested for not holding an escalator handrail at a transit station. She countersued and was awarded $20,000 in damages. Are all criminals “outlaws”?
  • The FBI has indicated that 202,465 background checks were conducted on “Black Friday” indicating that approximately that many firearms were sold. This is an 11% increase from last year which fell just short of the single-day record: 203,086 in 2017.
  • Pope Francis condemned “religious fundamentalism” last week saying that fundamentalism is a “plague”.
    “Beware of the fundamentalist groups: everyone has his own. In Argentina too there is a little fundamentalist corner,” the pope told his hearers. “And let us try, with fraternity, to go forward. Fundamentalism is a scourge and all religions have some kind of fundamentalist first cousin there, which forms a group.”

    There is much more but that is the basic idea. This is a phenomenal statement coming from the pope. A very definite step toward a one-world religion.
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