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"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge"

Hosea 4:6

Life – Transition Coach

Even though I excelled in many ways, I couldn’t understand why I seemed to hit a brick wall at every turn.  In the process of time, I came to understand that not applying higher Biblical principles to my life, generational issues, evil spirits, personal experiences, a religious spirit, and more, had been impeding me from a good relationship with God and living the life that He had called me to.  Of course, I was unaware of these things.

Are you struggling to just know God’s will for your life?  Does it feel like there are unseen forces holding you back?   Fighting anxiety? Depression?  If so, you’re not alone.

It seems that identity is one of the most elusive entities in America.  Yet understanding where we have been, who God made us to be, and where we are going, is critical when making life decisions: It’s all important.

Sometimes we just need some supportive accountability to encourage us to make a goal a reality:  But often there is more involved.  Are you facing a transition in your life that you could use some help with?  Are you feeling conflicted about which path you should take or how to accomplish what you feel God has led you toward?  Struggling with just moving forward?

While change is inevitable, how we make the inward transition will largely determine the external results.  God is just as concerned about how you go through the process as He is about the results.  The process is often very challenging but it can be made much easier when there is Godly encouragement as Biblical principles are applied,  spiritual discernment and insight are practiced, and the Holy Spirit is released to work in our lives unrestricted.

Helping you sort through it all, while moving forward in what God has for you, is one of the ways that Kingdom Realm Coaching can help you move forward.

Healing God’s Way – Healing Coach

“I thought I had been on the snow-covered trail all along: But now I realized that not only was I not on the trail, but I also had no idea how long I had been off the trail or even where I was. I struggled as I climbed the nearest hill-top. But all I could see in every direction was wilderness.
I was lost and I was alone….” Dr. Rayphe

Feeling lost or disoriented is a lonely place to be. I know; I’ve been there. The story above is true but, as we both know, you don’t have to be deep in the wilderness to be lost and alone: You can also feel that way in a stadium of 26,000 people; I’ve been there too.  However, you don’t have to be.

God has given me a heart for healing. I have been very blessed to be used by God as He has healed many people in spirit, soul, and body, as well as experiencing God’s supernatural healing process in my own life both spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Even secular statistics indicate that approximately 80% of all dis-ease has spiritual / emotional roots.  For complete healing, the root cause of symptoms must be addressed.

But regardless of the origin, God has made a way for your healing.  Whether you are struggling with a health challenge, trauma, abuse, rejection, negative thoughts, voices, or something else; God cares about you.  He wants the best for you and so do we.  There are answers.  There is hope.  God will help you if you let Him. If you don’t give up, He won’t give up.

Every person and circumstance is unique.  God has a special plan just for you.

From a Biblical basis, I incorporate prophetic prayer ministry with other integrative techniques and resources, with care and commitment, to help you align with God and experience the health, healing, and wholeness that God wants for you.

How it works
Kingdom of God internet Radio and Podcast PastorIndividual, Family, or Group Coaching / ministry is available.

Our online community (The Realm)  can also be a tremendous support to help you reach your goals including courses,  peer support, fellowship, support groups, and more.

Also, be sure to check out the many articles and podcasts that we have on a variety of related topics.

Internet video, on-line, phone, seminars, support groups, and in-office appointments are available.  Click here to begin.

Or, feel free to contact me here for a complimentary, introductory 15-minute consultation.

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May God richly bless you

Dr. Rayphe

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