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Democrats Prepping For ‘Doomsday Scenarios’ In Secret Meetings – Radical Liberal Organizations Preparing For Election Loss With ‘Mass Public Unrest’

The far left liberal website, Daily Beast, recently published an article, which described the preparations that dozens of liberal groups are planning should President Trump win reelection, yet the “spin” throughout the article; 1) Completely ignores history; 2) Shows these groups are planning unrest should Trump win the electoral college (which is the only thing that decides elections); 3) Claims that conservatives will take certain actions, that to-date only liberals have taken and it has been well documented with video proof that they did so  4) Assumes throughout the whole article that  Joe ‘Dementia’ Biden wins in all scenarios, and; 5) Discusses how these left wing liberal groups are actively preparing “mass public unrest’ should the election not go their way.


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