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Christians should not compartmentalize your life. Jesus wants to be a part of all of your life. The Remnant needs to be wholly and completely devoted to God

El Shaddai: The God of EVERY Need

One question that I sometimes hear is “why do you say Yahweh and Yeshua”?

There are several reasons for this that all relate to helping people understand that there is a Hebraic aspect to the Bible: Not in just the “Old Testament, but the “New Testament” as well.

Why does this matter? Because understanding the Bible (Genesis to Revelation), from a Hebraic perspective, profoundly enhances your relationship with Yeshua and God Himself.

This perspective is very contrary to American culture because Americans generally approach things from a Greek mindset.

One manifestation of a “Greek mindset” is “compartmentalization”: By this, I mean compartmentalizing your life.

In America, it is typical for someone to have a family life, church life, maybe a sports life, a professional life, a social life, a social media life, etc., etc., etc.; and never shall two meet. In this way, it is completely normal for your fishing buddies or homeschool group to never meet someone from your church life or someone from your professional life.

However, that way of life is completely contrary to the Hebraic, Biblical paradigm.

In the Hebraic lifestyle, each aspect of life is connected with another and they all blend together as one for the glory of God.

A set-apart life
Joshua 24:2 indicates that Abraham’s father worshiped false gods.

Still. I believe that there was a reason that God chose Abraham to be the “father of many nations“. When God spoke to Abraham and told him to go to a new land, Abraham was probably not walking with God as closely as God would have liked.

God wanted Abraham’s undivided attention so God called Abraham out: Out away from his father’s shop, away from his friends and relatives, etc. etc., etc.

Not only did God want Abraham’s undivided attention, but God wanted Abraham to depend upon Him for His every need.

El Shaddai
When God called Abraham, He identified Himself as “Almighty God”, El’ Shaddai. This is the first time that God had identified Himself in this way.

And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, Yahweh appeared to Abram, and said unto him, I am El Shaddai; walk before Me, and be you complete in truth, sincere and upright (perfect). 

Gen 17:1 

Dake says that “”El” means “Strong One” and “Shaddai” means “the Breasted One.” This pictures God as the Strong-Nourisher, Strength-Giver, Satisfier, and All-Bountiful, the Supplier of the needs of His people. Its first occurrence here reveals God as the Fruitful-One who was to multiply Abraham abundantly; the Life-Giver who was to restore life to Abraham and Sarah who were as good as dead where offspring was concerned…..”

God is making it crystal clear here that He wants to be Abraham’s source for every need of life. Every area of life is to be centered around Yahweh God: no compartments. This theme is carried forward throughout the Bible.

Say no to compartmentalization
Today I encourage you to evaluate every aspect of your life. Is Yahweh the God of each and every part? Do you allow Him to meet your needs according to His plans and purposes? How would other people answer that question about you? Would your co-workers say that Yahweh is your God and the center of your life? How about the club or sports group you are involved with? What would they say? How about your family?

Come out of her My people
Yahweh God is calling you out of Babylon. At this point, it may be a gentle nudge. However if you know that He is calling you to Himself, and you are continuing to rudely “dis” Him as you would a persistent salesman that can’t take no for an answer, then expect to be the recipient of a wake-up call that you will find extremely unpleasant as He makes one last attempt to get your attention at some point in the future.

You can trust that His heart’s desire is to have a special relationship just with you. His plans for you far exceed your imagination.

Blessings in Yeshua
Parson Rayphe
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