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Courts of Heaven, Yeshua, Jesus our advocate. satan the devil is the accuser of the brethren

Plead your case in the Courts of Heaven

Not too long ago I did someone a favor and took them somewhere in my vehicle. I like old trucks and so that is what I was driving. I had just unexpectedly purchased it a couple of days before; it was the only vehicle I had available.  I wasn’t planning on driving it until things were in order but I had promised to do this and so I did.

After I dropped them off I was on my way to the gas station when I suddenly saw red and blue lights flashing behind me. I had no idea what he wanted but I pulled over as you’re supposed to do.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten that the tags on the truck were expired.  Had I remembered that I probably would not have driven the truck until it was licensed.  However, for me, the kicker was that the instant the lights came on I flashed back to when I was walking out the door to give this person a ride. My wallet wasn’t where it should have been.  I spent every moment I could looking for it and finally had to leave without it.  It would be months before I found it.

Back to the story.  I had only had the vehicle for two days and so I didn’t have all of my papers in order.  So I told the officer my story and gave him the information that he requested. Even though I didn’t have my papers I thought that I was complying with the law but with no papers, expired tags, and no drivers license, it wasn’t looking too good.

So he checked me out by way of his radio.  Unknown to me, my driver’s license had expired almost a year before: I didn’t even know it.  So at that point, things were REALLY not looking too good for me.

It could have been much worse but he wrote me a ticket for no drivers license and assigned me a court date.  By the next morning, I had my driver’s license renewed and all of the paperwork for the new vehicle in order.

The Earthly Court
Anyway, later I went to court to explain what had happened and pay whatever fine the judge dished out. Instead, to my surprise, the judge read me my Miranda rights. I was shocked.  I knew from my years as a police officer that when someone is read their rights, they are not in a good position and that is where I found myself.  Because I was driving with an expired drivers license that I didn’t even know was expired, I was being read my rights, threatened with a year in jail and a large fine. I was completely caught off guard and had no idea what to do.

Unfortunately, this is not an unusual situation both in the natural world and the supernatural world:  It is so very easy to violate laws even when you are living life with the best of intentions.

The satan:  Accuser of the Brethren
Just as there are earthly courts, there are also courts in Heaven.  The satan is identified in the Bible as the “accuser of the Brethren“.  The Greek word that is translated into the English word “accuser” specifically refers to someone who is accusing another in a court of law.  This is only one of the numerous places in the Bible that we see that the satan roams the earth and then pleads his case against us in the very Court of Heaven.  He does many other things to derail us as well, sometimes on a daily basis;  sometimes even much, much more often than that.

The Court of Heaven
Referring to Yeshua, the word “Advocate” in 1 John 2:1 is also a legal term. It means that in the Court of Heaven we have a legal Advocate that stands before the real Supreme Court Judge and pleads our case for us. Praise God!  When accusations are whipping up like a hurricane, and charges are being filed, there is someone who knows what the laws are and is standing at the ready to plead our case for us.  HalleluYah!

O how I love Your law! It is my meditation all the day.
Psalm 119:97 

Lies, false accusations and abuse can be addressed decades later in the Courts of Heaven
Due to their immaturity, when children are mistreated and told mean things, they are not able to process what is happening from a proper perspective and so often times these experiences can leave long-lasting wounds. When we are older and able to process things better, in order to heal from those wounds it is important to put those events into proper perspective.

However, no matter your age, whether you were too young to comprehend, or old enough to know better when accusations are wielded against God’s Children, or if they are attacked in any way, God provides us with the ultimate “court-appointed” Advocate and that Advocate is Jesus the Christ, Yeshua the Messiah.  He stands at the ready, able and eager to do whatever is necessary to represent you.

For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand elsewhere. I had rather be a doorkeeper
in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.

Psalm 84:10

Conclusion:  There will be problems to overcome in life both in the natural realm, the spirit realm, and the Heavenly realm.  God has never promised that we wouldn’t encounter difficulty.  However, He has promised healing for His people and judgment for those who have harmed His children.

Oh, and the court case that evolved from the traffic ticket above?  Not knowing what to do, I initially pleaded “not guilty” and was assigned another court date.  After much prayer, I showed up at the appointed time.  My name was immediately called right on time.  I met with the prosecutor for about 2 two minutes and the case was dismissed.  I didn’t even have to pay any court fees…  nothing.

So don’t be timid about going to the Courts of Heaven.  Allow Yeshua to plead your case for you. He is an expert court Advocate. Once He is on the case, you are sure to have a good result. He has a 100% success rate.  Besides, He has already paid the price of your penalty.

Confession: I have the best defense possible against all accusations that the accuser could bring against me.  Yeshua is my Advocate.  He has already paid the price and my debts are paid.

Prayer: Yeshua thank you for being my Advocate. Thank you that you have always been on my side even when I didn’t realize it or didn’t know it. Now that I know it, please help me to allow you to help me in every way, every day. Amen

Dr. Rayphe
God’s Kingdom Realm

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Keys of the Kingdom: Daily Devotionals online and delivered to your inbox to help you unlock the Kingdom of God for God’s Kingdom Realm in your life.

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