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“Crosswalk” = Religious babylon

It is no secret that America’s mainstream religion is surrendering to the new cancel culture. Here is even more evidence that demonstrates that once again.

For many years “Crosswalk” has been a notable point of reference for Christians. However, if there was ever any doubt of its perspective, that doubt should now be erased.

In a recent article just released, Crosswalk addresses how to mitigate “white privilege”: a faux condition that just doesn’t exist as presented in the article.

“simply by one’s ancestral heritage and the amount of melanin in their skin, a person receives preferential treatment in terms of being favored by authorities all the way down to being a default type of character the media chooses. For instance, most books, movies, and TV shows have a predominantly white cast. 

This means that someone who does not have white privilege has to try significantly harder to earn respect and equal treatment in academia, the workplace, in a court of law, and just about everywhere else. “

Crosswalk article

Again, the Word of God clearly and repeatedly calls upon the true people of God to come out of Babylon and that includes false religious systems of which crosswalk is clearly a part.

Parson Rayphe
God’s Kingdom Realm

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