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Dem Paramilitary Arm Antifa & BLM Must Have Negative IQs To Be This Dangerously Clueless To Let Democrats Treat Them As ‘Slave Labor’

There are a number events and actions that lead us to believe that Democrats (including the media):

• Are using the tragic deaths to deliberately incite Black Lives Matter and Antifa groups into acting as the Dems paramilitary arm.

•  Are using BLM and Antifa to create as much chaos heading into the 2020 presidential election as possible across the country.

• Are treating BLM and Antifa as useless fools, basically having them as their slave labor to do their dirty work.

• Are insane enough to have originally believed that inciting the Antifa and BLM riots would somehow benefit their party during the campaign cycle.

•  Are clueless enough to think they can somehow disassociate themselves from these groups, after publicly supporting the domestic terrorism, once the polling showed that the Democrats once again severely overreached and managed to expose their strategy, idiocy and hatred of America, to normal Americans.

• Never actually took the time to discover the mentality of many of these so-called “protesters” aka rioters, seem to have negative IQs.


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