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Democrats, Lies and their 2021 agenda

Today’s senate Democrats don’t require a truth serum injection to spill the beans on what they plan to do starting next year if given power by America’s voters in two months.

 Alexander Bolton reported at The Hill, “Senate Democrats emboldened by their electoral prospects are quietly haggling over what the agenda for next year should be if they gain control of Congress and the White House in 2021.

“The top priority of Democrats is to pour federal resources into combating the coronavirus and the economic devastation it has caused, lawmakers say. Private discussions are also taking place over whether to eliminate or reform the legislative filibuster, which sets up a 60-vote threshold to pass most major legislation through the Senate…

“Beyond that, there’s little agreement over whether to move next to immigration reform, gun control, legislation to address climate change or health care reform. Other Democratic priorities on the table include tax reform, housing reform, voting rights legislation and campaign finance reform.”


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