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The ‘Prissy Prostitutes Of The Press’ Are Promoting Racism, Rebellion And Revolution – The Democratic Party, Mainstream Media, Antifa And BLM Are An ‘Extortion Ring Crime Syndicate’

Only one example is sufficient to support the above—the Michael Brown shooting. The media continues to dishonestly portray Michael as a victim who was surrendering to police with his hands upheld and saying, “Hands up, don’t shoot.” That did not happen and those who continue the falsehood are dishonest racists who are fomenting additional violence for which they will not be held accountable.   

Some actually suggest that police officers leave home each day looking for a young Black they can kill! That is a good example of minds not being used. Yet, Conservatives are blamed for the racial tensions! Gutless public officials must take some of the blame but the lack of truth from the media is the main reason for the racists’ and conspirators’ incredible success. 

The irresponsible media dwell on spurious numbers to convince the moron voters that there is a war on Blacks; however, the most recent available FBI crime numbers reveal that “black male teenagers were nine times more likely to commit murder than were their white counterparts. That’s right, nine times, and the gap in these urban areas is undoubtedly even larger.” 


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