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God’s Kingdom: Passover P. 3/3 – Passover, Catholicism & Easter

God’s Kingdom: Passover P. 3/3 – Passover, catholicism & easter

Show notes:
As Parson Rayphe summarizes and concludes this three-part series he discusses how God has created various portals for us to go through to meet with Him.

We often think of specific places that we go to draw close to God but rarely think of specific times as being portals that He has created to meet with Him.

He also briefly mentioned soul ties and how they connect us to the world thus keeping us separate from God. Religion is also something that keeps us separate from God.

There are Godly appointed times that are portals unto God and there are also pagan appointed times that keep people separated from God.

These appointed times are associated with false religions that are associated with ancient Babylon with is still alive and fighting against the holy things of the Most High God.

“Do what thou wilt” is the mantra that much of the world follows today including America’s mainstream religion.

Evil HATES the things of God. This has been obvious since the garden. Today this couldn’t be any more true. Evil will do everything possible to destroy all that is good.

Halloween, easter, christmas, and other American holidays are all evil distractions to keep you separated from God.

Leviticus 23:1-2 clearly establishes God’s holy-days. However, they began to be changed with the council of constantine in Rome which is when Christianity became mainstream and mixed with false religions.

Yeshua confirms Passover for now and all of eternity. It is certainly an annual appointed time that we need to pursue.

How to exchange religion for Passover:

  • Pray
  • Meditate
  • Study and read the Bible as a gateway to God rather than a rulebook or textbook.
  • Fellowship with others with the same intentions
  • Sing praise and worship to enter into the things of God

Entering into God’s Kingdom Realm begins with aligning yourself with God through Jesus / Yeshua in a pure way.

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