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Don’t purposely go where you shouldn’t be.

Have you ever watched an old western where some cowboys or maybe the army was going through a particular area when someone started looking around and saying that it was “too quiet”?

That happened to me once when I had just started driving. I was trying to find a specific location in the bad part of town. I turned down an eerily quiet side street. As I was slowly driving down the road I started feeling “I shouldn’t be here”. I left.

Those kinds of things happen from time to time. That is much different then what happened in the following situation.

Antifa was rioting in Portland, Oregon and they were attacking a police station. There were no cops in sight. For some reason, two elderly women decided that they were going to go fend off the mob and defend the police station. It didn’t go well for them.

The first and last rule of personal protection is avoidance, avoidance, avoidance: A rule that these two women most certainly did not follow. It is only the grace of God that more didn’t happen to them.

Click here to learn about this story and what NOT to do.

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