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Do you REALLY believe?

Part of the disadvantage of being born into a Greek-based culture (America) is that it is only natural to develop a Greek mindset.

Greek mindset
A Greek mindset is completely antithetical to the Bible way of life. This is a very major problem when it comes to living in faith because without faith, it is impossible to please God.

When faced with a problem, or a challenge of some sort, the Greek mindset views it sort of scientifically; intellectually. The Greek perspective will analyze the problem and then by reason and carefully weighing the evidence, the Greek perspective will develop a logical plan of action to resolve it.

To us, that sounds very reasonable. However, the reason it seems reasonable is because we have a Greek mindset. Sure if we had a Biblical, Hebraic mindset our process may appear similar, but the apparent and logical answer to the problem would be secondary to the will of God.

Our primary consideration would be “how does God want me to proceed in this matter”?

From head to heart
Healer F.F. Bosworth said that “faith begins where the will of God is known”.

It is unfortunate that so many today are Biblically illiterate. There is NO way to walk out your faith without knowing God’s desire on the matter. Knowing the will of God in your life depends on many things; perhaps most importantly the Word and Spirit of God.

Once you discern the will of God it is often beneficial to bathe the matter in the prayer of faith.

However, faith without works is dead. So here is the tricky part that I would like to address today.

… As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Pro 23:7

Please humor me here for a moment and think back to a time when you believed that God would do something for you: Something fairly serious that mattered. As you are thinking about that situation you were in, answer this question: Did your life reflect the faith that you “thought” you had?

Your faith (or lack of it) is reflected in how you live your life
For example, let’s say that someone was planning a cross country road trip so they took their old vehicle to a mechanic for an inspection and a service. The mechanic gives the vehicle a clean bill of health and so they take the trip.

In that situation, a person would be basing their actions, maybe even their safety, on the faith they had in their vehicle and their mechanic. Their actions were evidence of their faith in their vehicle and the mechanic.

Let’s say that you are a race car driver. You have worked on your car and finally, the day of the big race is here. The fastest car to make it around the track a hundred times wins. Are you going to drive the car anticipating to win? Or are you going to just cruise around the track at a comfortable speed while doubting you will win anyway?

This is where ” the will of God is known”. becomes critically important.

As another example, our Greek mindset might analyze our situation and rightfully surmise something like “There is no way I will ever find a spouse”. However, if you know, and truly believe, that the “will of God” for you is to be married, then theoretically you would begin even now to prepare for that reality.

You would begin to prepare for that reality just as you would pack for that road trip in your vehicle or run your race as if you were planning on winning it.

In other words, regardless of what you say you believe, your life will reflect your faith and / or your lack of it. There is no way to hide it. It would be kind of like trying to hide your head, you can’t; it “just is” because it is a part of you.

Now, back to the “time when you “believed” that God would do something for you: Something fairly serious that “mattered””. Think for a moment. Once you determined God’s will for the situation, did you live your life as if you actually believed God’s promises? Or did you live your life in such a way that you could easily adapt whether He came through or not?

Putting feet to your faith
What do others see in your life? Do you live as if you have faith in God?

Your life reflects your faith.

Real faith requires action. Without action, it’s not faith.

Do you really believe? The answer to that question will be found in how you live your life rather than what you say.

Blessings in Yeshua
Parson Rayphe
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