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Fellowship Communities – Online and Regional

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About Fellowship Communities

Fellowship Communities support each other throughout the week and then join together when possible.



There are many who are seeing and sensing a new wave of God that has all of the earmarks of Revival. However it is different than before.  This revival is taking shape OUTside of the institutional churches.

People are looking for something REAL, something that is relevant.  If that is you, a Fellowship Community could be the answer.

What a Fellowship Community is not
For us, Fellowship Communities are not Bible study groups or an an extracurricular program that we promote. While Fellowhsip Communities do study the Bible, we see participating in Fellowship Communies as a lifestyle choice of people loving God, and each other, while living life day by day.

What a Fellowship Community is:
Some people use the term “house church” or “home church” which are good, Biblical terms.  You may have also heard the terms “small group”, or “cell group”

However, we use the term “Fellowship Community” because we want to clarify that what we are talking about is far more than just a meeting.  With today’s communication and transportation capabilities, along with the numerous meeting options available to most Americans, the ability to support one another throughout the week, month and year is expanded exponentially more than any other time in history.

A Fellowship Community numbers between two – approximately fifteen, and may include singles, couples, or families. They communicate throughout the week for encouragement and support. “Fellowship Communities” are a sort of “safe haven” where you can be encouraged in walking out the things of God.

Fellowship Communities also meet together as God leads. These gatherings can take place in homes, on the internet, conference calls, the workplace, restaurants or any venue that facilitates encouraging fellowship.

These gatherings can include a time of encouragement, prayer, Bible, praise, worship, fun and of course, fellowship and unity in the Messiah.

Whether Fellowship Communities are based in the same neighborhood, in the work place, apartment complex, across the country in our online community, or a mixture thereof, there are creative ways to effectively network together for support and encouragement.



Small Group, Cell Group, Home ChurchIt’s time to go Grow!
Fellowship Communities purpose to do what God designed all living organisms to do; grow and multiply.

If you are seeking the things of God, consider yourself warmly invited. Contact us to see if there is a regional Fellowship Community nearby. Either way, be sure to check out our Online Community also.
Sozo, Cell church, home group, small group, house church


Many people who choose this Biblical lifestyle don’t really know anyone else who they can share their daily experiences, blessings and challenges with.  If that is you, know that you are not alone.  Through video conferencing, our internet meeting room, and other means, you can be a part of the whole wherever you may be.


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Dr. Rayphe is available to assist you in establishing a Fellowship Community. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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