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Gardasil Vaccine Kills 17 year old girl

A post from facebook:

This is a post that is meant to be shared with everyone you can think of. Our 17 year old daughter went to the doctor. The doctor recommended the Gardasil vaccine. We needed to check it out first. A pamphlet was brought home and we read it. It was like one of those commercials we all see every day. Soo…upon the return visit we decided we would protect our beautiful daughter from cervical cancer by letting them administer the Gardasil vaccine. The Gardasil vaccine is a series of 3 shots, not just one. !!! After the first shot we didn’t recognize a sudden change in her health. After the second shot she was complaining of headaches, a pain in the lower left back of her head, and feeling really tired,her joints ached. We thought it was because she was training really hard for high school sports. We took her back to the family doc who told us it was just stress and suggested Tylenol. She went in for the third shot of Gardasil,made by Merck. The next day Jess was supposed to go to the local college and be there by 10 a.m. She was taking college courses in high school,she was a perfectly healthy kid, a brainiac,and totally knew what she wanted in life and knew how to get there. We came home from work, Lisa and i work together. It was quiet but the bathroom light was on,we thought she was taking a shower she didn’t come out for a few minutes. Finally Lisa knocked on the door and slowly opened it and started screaming. It was the most horrific thing i have ever seen and i was a firefighter for years. It was obvious she had been gone for awhile. All we really had to go on was the Gardasil vaccine. Within a few days we were contacted by the coroner,he told us she died instantly but could not tell us why. He said it would take 10 weeks to get our answer as to why she was suddenly dead from the forensic team. we finally got the same answer 11 weeks later, we don’t know why??????????????????????????????????????????? It didn’t matter at that point, we had done our own investigating. Actually the next day we knew in our hearts that the Gardasil killed her. We looked it up on line. at that time in 2008 there were 8 reported deaths. we found out about the ingredients in vaccines. we learned about the way vaccines are approved,we learned the use of the word cancer caused the FDA and the CDC to fast track the approval of Gardasil. Instead of years of proper testing it was approved within months and many, many dollars changed hands. It wasn’t long before we started hearing very very similar stories from all over the world. It is what we think to be the GREATEST vaccine hoax in the history of time. And we are right here in the canter of it all. Lisa`, even though she has been torn apart by this, is totally convinced that this ain’t over,this is not over by a long shot. Our 17 year old daughter died very suddenly 40 hours after her Gardasil vaccine.

Here is the original FB post

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