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evil spirits that are gate keepers invite other demons in. Exorcism, deliverance

Gatekeepers are one way satan enters your life

evil spirits in ChristiansThere are many ways that satan can worm his way into our lives. Some of them are based solely upon the actions of others while some are the result of a person’s ignorance and / or mistakes.

Through absolutely no fault of our own we are sometimes victims of the devil. Occasionally the devil will “squat” where he has no legal right to be. But in most cases, satan invades a life when he has a “legal” right to do so.

We can see how evil spirits work by seeing how they manifest in the natural realm
For example, burglars (embodied evil spirits) are (generally speaking) opportunists. Sometimes they will target a specific house for a particular reason but more often they simply look for the open window, unlocked door or maybe an open garage door. After all, why work so hard and run the risk of making noise when there is almost always an easier target to be had that is close by.

Disembodied, (spirits not presently occupying a physical body) evil spirits work the same way. They will often look for the easiest of targets and usually they don’t have far to go.

One easy way for evil spirits to victimize an unsuspecting target is through the “gatekeeper”.
Gatekeepers are so very important in our lives. Yahweh God created Gatekeepers to keep us safe. Unfortunately, today, the Biblical understanding of a gatekeeper is nearly nonexistent and so this is one area of vulnerability that nearly all in America have left exposed.

To understand Gatekeepers in this context we need to understand authority.
In the Bible, there are four types of “government”;

  1. Individual (self) government (Gal. 6:7)
  2. Familial government (1 Cor. 11:3 / Ex. 20:12)
  3. Church government (Eph. 4:11-12)
  4. Civil government (this was not Yahweh God’s perfect design but one established by man) (Dt. 17:14 / 2 Sam 23:3-4)

Adam was the first Gatekeeper mentioned in the Bible and of course we all know how that turned out for God on earth.

  • And Yahweh God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to Guard (keep) it. Genesis 2:15

Most people think that the first sin was Eve eating of the tree but it wasn’t. Rather the first recorded sin is when Adam failed to be the gatekeeper that Yahweh God told him to be. Adam’s lack of diligence caused great problems for his wife and even all of mankind, for all of time.

In like manner, if we don’t govern ourselves (1) we leave gates open which allow us to be exposed to dangerous elements. Even when we are diligent to govern ourselves ignorance alone can allow evil spirits to enter and create havoc in our lives.

Very few in the world today have godly fathers and mothers (2) that effectively guard us from evil. In fact many even perpetrate evil against their own children.

Did you know that the word “Pastor” is synonymous with the word “shepherd”? How many “Pastors” do you know who actively protect their flock as a good shepherd would?

And since pretty much every government in every country of the world is secular, it should go without saying that civil government leaves the door wide open for satan to murder, steal and destroy.

Guard your garden
There is much to say about “gatekeeping” but know that you must “guard your garden”. And for those who have suffered neglect or abuse due to ungodly “gatekeepers”, please rest assured that it is not your fault that you are a victim. Those who failed to be a gatekeeper for you will answer for their irresponsibility in that regard, in due time.

Gatekeepers are one of many ways that the devil can enter your life. There are many other ways satan can enter as well.

Good News!
The good news is… now you know that guarding your garden is a critical part of the equation of keeping the enemy out of your life so start now!

Parson Rayphe, Dr.

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