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The Bible clearly relates that the Kingdom of God was Yeshua’s main message: It is all-encompassing affecting every aspect of life.  When Yeshua defeated the devil He made it possible for us to overcame the evil influences that the satan has on both people and the land.  Living in God’s Kingdom Realm is aligning oneself with Yahweh God in spirit, soul, body, word, and deed.

Healing for People in spirit, soul, and body
God has made a way for healing in spirit soul, and body so that we can live life to the fullest and become all He intended us to be. Yeshua has made a way for us to be set free from the affliction of the devil. Our part includes learning how to walk in the freedom that He has already procured for us.

Healing for the land
Along with setting people free, Yeshua overcame the works of the devil to set the land at liberty as well.  Living in God’s Kingdom Realm also includes healing the land of past sin, curses, and other demonic influence so that it can be free to be all God intended it to be.

Just as healing is included in God’s provision, so is restoration of life.  The Bible reveals that God is in the business of restoring what the devil has stolen whether it be in an individual life or the land.

To be clear, healing and restoration is a  journey whether it is for a person or land. Through healing and restoration God’s creation is set free to align with God and be all that we were created to be in Him.

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