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black lives matter police protest

If you are going to rally, protest or counter-protest follow the old Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared

I fully support righteous, ethical policing. Having worn a badge for several years I am fully aware of the “thin blue line”. I especially appreciate and support ethical, Constitutional Sheriffs.

Recently there was a “Back the Blue” event to support the police in Denver, Colorado. Michelle Malkin was scheduled to speak.

black lives matter protesters violently interrupted the event and attacked Michelle Malkin. There are several YouTube videos that are available.

In videos of the event M. Malkin is obviously caught off guard and visibly shaken.

By no means is it my intention to criticize M. Malkin. However I would like to point some things out that might help you should you be attending such an event or perhaps if you unexpectedly and mistakenly find yourself caught up in one.

These are just some general points to consider if you find yourself in such a scenario.

  • Pray and seek God’s guidance and protection.
  • If you are going to attend ANY public event that even MIGHT be considered politically sensitive by ANYONE, know that there may be anti-protestors present.
  • Understand that you are / will be in an environment with others who have absolutely no regard for human life. Their own life isn’t even that important to them and they value yours far less. They very well prefer that you just didn’t exist.
  • Remember the old days when you went to swimming lessons or to the pool for some summer fun? Buddy up was the rule. Buddy up with someone and stick together.
  • Spiritually and mentally prepare for a violent confrontation. Hopefully it won’t happen, but if it does, you will be better equipped to process the events both during and after they occur.
  • Consider training with and taking some sort of discrete, less than lethal personal defense tool such as a collapsible baton or pepper spray. However, if you have it, know how to use it; train with it.
  • Dress accordingly
  • Know where you are: Be mindful of escape routes
  • Do not be provocative.
  • Be ready to defend yourself but do everything possible to avoid having to do so.
  • Be ready to help a friend in need.

This is just a list that I jotted down to help you stay safe. As always, avoidance, avoidance, avoidance is the key.

Blessings in Yeshua,
Parson Rayphe
Living in “God’s Kingdom Realm”

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