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The parable of the marriage wedding feast dinner. Matthew 22:1-14 Israel, The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven, Why did Jesus speak in parables? Red letters in the Bible, prideful, Christian radio, podcast, leaving the church coaching

Seek to be uncomfortable.

This is part 5 of a series based upon the Parable of the Marriage Feast in Matthew 22:1-14. Each part stands alone with the other parts supplementing and adding to the whole.

Just like so many other Scriptures that we have looked at in the past, this Parrable is so incredibly rich. It just seems like almost every word is oozing with rich, deep meaning. And so to clarify what is being said, we’ll be looking at various Scriptures, concepts, and precepts that are expressed throughout all of the Bible, but primarily throughout the renewed covenant (N/T).

Yesterday we discussed verses 5-7 with an emphasis on verses 7. Today I would like to invite you to consider verses 8 & 9 with me.

Jew and Jewish is not Biblical Israel
As we review this parable it is important to remember that the word “Jew” or “Jewish” is not at all synonymous with BIBLICAL Israel.

Biblical Israel is the people of God wherever they may be or from whatever people group they may be a part of. Yahweh is their God: He is the God of Israel and Yeshua is their Messiah.

By Yeshua’s day, the Jews in the Jewish religion had maneuvered themselves into a place of perceived spiritual superiority over Israel.

A man-made religion
Man-made religion had become the rule of the day. This is why, in Matthew 20:29, Yeshua told the Jewish leaders “you err not knowing the Scriptures nor the power of God”.

It is the Holy Scriptures with the empowerment of the Spirit of God that empowers; not man-made tradition or religious activities.

God has made a way for us
The word of God is here to help you fulfill the plan’s, purposes, and destiny that He has for you as He leads and guides by His Holy Spirit.

In that way, God is exalted and lifted up: And Praise Him, you will be too.

However, just like many today, these religious Jews had disregarded God and traded Him for man-made answers. So it is in this context of these religious people who are in error not knowing the Scriptures or the power of God that Yeshua was speaking.

The reason for parables
Remember that Yeshua spoke in parables because they speak to the heart. They reach beyond the mind and into the spirit in order to call forth the people of God.

That is what Yeshua was doing all through this portion of Scripture. And so is is in Matthew 22:4 where we read that He sent forth servants to invite other people.

As Yeshua spoke He related how the religious people who were taking God for granted were subsequently rejected by God. The invitation then went to others.

All with a desire to know God are invited in
Not only did the invitation go to others but, because of the way the religious people treated the true servants, when the king heard about what happened, he was provoked to anger. He sent forth his armies to destroy the murderers and burn their cities: A military tactic. That’s important to remember.

It’s important to remember that part of what we see in this parable is a war between armies; the army of good and the army of evil; the army of God and the army of the satan.

Matthew 22:8 says “Then said the king to his servants, the wedding is ready, but they which were bidden, they which were invited, are not worthy.

Now regarding this word worthy: In this case, what it means is that those who were invited didn’t deserve the honor of being invited.

They were undeserving. The idea of this becomes very, very clear in the light of Matthew chapter 10. This is where Yeshua was sending out his disciples. In Matthew 10:13 Yeshua told them to go to a house and “if the house be worthy, let your peace come upon it. But if it not be worthy, let your peace return to you.”

Seek out those who are seeking God
So we could say “if the house is undeserving leave, but if the house is deserving, let your peace come upon it.

Why so many people cannot understand this is beyond me. The only reasonable explanation I have is that it is caused by demonic deception.

What many people seem to do is find doctrines that they are comfortable with and then stick with them. However, this is a faulty, and even deadly practice. While the Gospel is loving, nurturing, caring, complete, and more more than I could possibly list, it was never intended to be comfortable. It was intended to be comforting (which it is), however, it was never intended to be comfortable.

Today I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone into the unkown.

Ask God to reveal what you need to know. Growth usually occurs in discomfort. Seek after it and praise Him for it.

Blessings in Yeshua
Parson Rayphe
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