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God’s Kingdom Podcast: The Great Divide Is Developing

God’s Kingdom Podcast: The Great Divide is Developing

The Seattle Invasion

Anarchists are continuing to occupy the six-block downtown area of Seattle, WA that they have named the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ).

The Seattle Mayor has rejected the notion of calling the perpetrators “terrorists” choosing rather to refer to them as “patriotic”.

Rioters reportedly moved barricades while throwing rocks and “improvised explosives” at officers on several occasions. The police chief reportedly said that 25 cops have been injured since the protests and riots began.

The Seattle, Washington mayor and police chief are bantering about who is responsible for ordering the abandonment of the police precinct in the newly formed country in downtown Seattle.

The anarchists are charging business owners to enter the zone, saying that police are not welcome, as they vandalize, destroy, deny city citizens public services, continue to disrupt police services, incur costs to the city, etc., etc., etc.

Division is occurring all across the country

The battle of Cowpens

One of the best-known battles during the War for American Independence is known as the battle of Cowpens which occurred in January of 1781.

The Continental Army faced off against some of the most vicious of the British Army and won a decisive victory.

However, afterward, the Continental Army was forced to retreat. They were relentlessly chased by the British army but at least three times they were miraculously saved from annihilation as the result of divine providence.

Eventually, the British gave up the chase and went to Chesapeake Bay where they were supposed to be picked up by 19 ships from the British fleet. Unfortunately for them, 24 ships from the French navy just happened to show up at the same time.

This led to the surrender of British General Cornwallis.

God is allowing a situation to occur whereby a great divide between good and evil will continue to develop.

Today, purpose to do whatever it takes to align yourself with God’s winning side.

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Blessings in Yeshua,
Parson Rayphe
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