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God’s Kingdom Podcast Summary: Halloween, Edgar Case, & BIG Pharma

God’s Kingdom Podcast Summary: halloween, edgar case, & BIG pharma


Today I begin a discussion about the satanic holy-day of halloween. Many of the halloween traditions came from the celts who were quite involved in witchcraft. Much of witchcraft, certainly what they practiced heavily utilized herbs in potions and poisons.

Reviewing this led me to Edgar Cayce. Cayce was a miraculous healer who also used herbs but he was heavily involved in the occult. It is said that he was directly involved with healing approximately 30,000 people before his death in 1945 at age 67 as the result of exhaustion and a stroke.

While Cayce was obviously demonically empowered, much of the occult is not so obvious: Hence the word occult / hidden.

One example that we have of this today is the pharmaceutical drug industry.

While God gave us herbs of the field for food and health, “Big Pharma’s” answer is “hidden” synthetic chemicals in “modern medicines”.

There is much more to the occult than what meets the eye….

Parson Rayphe
God’s Kingdom Realm

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