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About Fellowship Groups

While the coronavirus has left a devestating wake in its path, one positive thing that it accomplished was exposing a problem that has existed for centuries, even millennia, but denied and ignored: The intstitutioinal “church” model just does not work.

About Fellowship Groups

Fellowship groups support each other throughout the week and then join together when possible.

What a Fellowship Group is not
For us, Fellowship Groups are not Bible study groups or an extracurricular program that you add on to everything else that you do.

Neither are Fellowship groups something that you add onto your list of church programs.


Fellowship Groups ARE the “church”.  

We see participating in Fellowship Groups as the lifestyle choice for people who love God, and each other, while living life day by day.

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What a Fellowship Group is:
Some people use the terms “house church” or “home church”. These are both expressed in the Bible.  We use the term “Fellowship Group” because with today’s communication and transportation capabilities, along with the numerous meeting options available to most Americans, a small group can meet just about anywhere: At the office during lunch, school, job site, restaurants, even online, on the telephone, in our online community, or any venue that facilitates encouraging fellowship.

A Fellowship Group numbers between 2-15 (appx.), and may include singles, couples, or families. They communicate throughout the week for encouragement and support. “Fellowship Groups” are a sort of “safe haven” where you can be encouraged in the things of God, find help in time of need, and exercise your God-given gifting when called upon.

These gatherings can include a time of encouragement, prayer, Bible, praise, worship, fun, and of course, fellowship and unity in the Messiah.

Where do Fellowship Groups meet?

Whether Fellowship Groups (also a Biblical concept) are based in the same neighborhood, in the workplace, apartment complex, across the country (via the internet), or a mixture thereof, there are creative ways to effectively network together for fellowship, support, and encouragement.

It’s time to go Grow!

Fellowship Group’s purpose to do what God designed all living organisms to do; grow and multiply. Click here for more information about Fellowship Groups.


If you are seeking the things of God, consider yourself warmly invited. Join our online community, webinars, Fellowship Groups, or other gatherings either locally or online.  Please note also that not all activities are listed on the web site.

Through video conferencing, our online community, and other means, you can be a part of the whole wherever you may be.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions

We are open to including Fellowship Groups wherever there is interest.

Click here for “More About Fellowship Groups”.
Children in the Fellowship Group
History of “Small Groups

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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