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The Sacred Journey Course

What Is The Sacred Journey?

Particularly in our microwave society, people prefer shortcuts: But as I’ve said before, God is in to marinating, not flash frying.

Embracing the deeper things of God’s Kingdom Realm take time and it all starts with an intimate relationship with Yeshua. The better your relationship with Yeshua, the more of God’s Kingdom Realm you will experience.

In these tumultuous days, people are looking for answers. Yet days are coming that will be even more tumultuous and people are going to be looking for even more answers.

You can be confident in who you are as well as being a light in the dark for others.

What You’ll Get From The Sacred Journey

As you travel through “The Sacred Journey”,  if you apply yourself, you will experience Yeshua in a whole new way. You will:

  • Have access to exclusive content, designed specifically for this Course.
  • Meet new people in our online community who share the same goals and interests
  • Be equipped to make better, more well-informed decisions as you learn to walk in divine counsel
  • Enjoy a more intimate relationship with God through Yeshua
  • Learn to walk with God, in an intimate way, as a lifestyle
  • Build a strong foundation for the rest of your life

We are here for you to help you along the way. It takes time to “renew your mind” and so this is not intended to be a quick fix.  The course is 35 weeks long.

We’re so excited for you to get started. Happy travels on the Sacred Journey!

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