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Idaho Patriots trying to move forward to restore the Republic: Idaho sees tumultuous 2nd day of special session: Scroll down to the next article for a more accurate perspective

NOTE:  This is a very poorly written article.  Unfortunately, I was unable to locate an accurate written account of yesterday’s events at the Idaho State Capitol.  The article does seem to accurately document the bills that were passed, etc. but it is very innacurate regarding the other events that took place.

BOISE — In a tumultuous second day of Idaho’s special legislative session on Tuesday, the House passed a resolution aimed at ending the current state of emergency for the coronavirus pandemic, and an Idaho Attorney General’s analysis found the measure unconstitutional and unlikely to withstand a court challenge.

Note: The state AG is a supporter of the traitor Idaho governor brad little and so he is doing everything possible to discorage the state representatives and senators from fulfilling the will of the people.


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