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Healing, Wholeness, & Life Transformation

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Healing Coach, online, podcast, God has a plan for your life

Even secular statistics indicate that 80% of all disease can be emotionally based, even if we don’t realize it.  When you add to that things like everyday life, relationships, physical, emotional, and spiritual injury, trauma, and other various health issues, things can really be challenging.

I know what it’s like to be lost and to face serious challenges.  You can read a little about my story here.

Healing, wholeness, and life transformation is an individual journey, a process: “One size fits all” just doesn’t apply in this paradigm.  Still, God has made a way and He invites you to join Him in His  Kingdom Realm even now.  You are loved and whatever your need, our Heavenly Father eagerly awaits to meet it.

My approach to healing, wholeness, and life transformation is Bible-based,  Spirit-led, and faith-filled.  I can help you align with God to reach the next level in spirit, soul, mind, and body. Through individual and group ministry, I combine ancient truth with proven integrative, alternative methods to help you achieve your goals.

God has a plan for you; a destiny to fulfill. Sometimes it takes longer to realize than others. Some experience immediate results while others find it to be a process: Often it is a combination.  With compassion and faith, I integrate Prayer Ministry with Inner Healing and Holistic Pastoral Counseling, Coaching and Recognizance Awareness principles to determine root causes (when necessary) and achieve lasting results.  The more God’s creation is in alignment with Him, the more it can flourish.

Group ministry is available as well as office, video, and phone conferencing.  Click here to schedule a complimentary introduction and assessment.

I look forward to hearing from you

Parson Rayphe

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