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Is hell real?  Videos below
God can make a way when there seems to be no way…

Lauren Daigle is homosexuality a sin? The bigger pictureOne of the devil’s (satan’s) greatest deceptions is making people think that he doesn’t even exist. However satan does exist; he is real, and he is evil. he will do whatever he can to keep you away from God. For one person that may mean lavishing them with material favor. For someone else it may be allowing them to be immersed in “religion”. With another it may mean hurting them and destroying their life in every way he can. The bottom line is satan, the devil, will lie, cheat, steal, hurt you, and do whatever he can, whatever is necessary, to prevent you from living the life that Jesus wants you to have.

God didn’t cause bad things to happen to you. Rather it is satan who tries to supress the people who Jesus loves. satan is evil. God is good: He has unsurpassed authority and He is infinitely more powerful than satan. Jesus offers answers. If you let Him, Jesus / Yeshua will heal and help you live life to the fullest, in every way, including eternal life with Him rather than in hell with satan.

Are you separated from God? Do you think that you are too far gone to be saved? Do you feel like there is no hope for you? Would you like to be forgiven? Perhaps you know Him but you are struggling with a particular challenge in your life. Maybe you believed on Him at one time but you know you’re not where you should be. Maybe you have never committed your life to Jesus but would like to.

God wants to help you so much that He sacrificed His only Son, Yeshua, so that you could be forgiven, blessed and empowered in this life, and be in right standing before Him for all eternity.

So regardless of what you have done or what has been done to you: No matter your sin, no matter your situation, Jesus can help. Reach out to Yeshua now. Tell Him that you will trust Him, accept His free gift of abundant life, and that you want Him to be your Savior and the Lord of every area of your life; especially those areas that are most challenging. Trust in Him today.

This is what is at the core of this ministry: Everything else is commentary. For more on this click here


Is hell real videos

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