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Jesus , Yeshua is looking for a spiritual army who will not take what He offers for granted

Daily Encouragement: You can’t have your cake and eat it too….

According to Wikipedia, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too” means that  “you cannot simultaneously retain your cake and eat it”.

The idea is that you can’t have the joy of seeing the cake, anticipating it, maybe even smelling it, and eating it too: You have to choose one or the other.

There are many who would prefer to have their cake and eat it too. However, in the mainstream of society, nowhere have I seen that approach more prevalent than in the area of “religion”. Granted, part of the reason for this may be because of the way I live my life.

Still, these tendencies are overwhelming and need to be brought to light. They are pervasive in the “Christian” realm.

“Have it your way”
How many people have you met who wanted things “their way” but still wanted the blessings of God? It reminds me of an old fast food commercial I used to see on the television.

Have it MY way… That is what most people want. My, my, my, my, my.

“Going to Church”
In regards to God, people want to be able to “go to church”, visit with their friends, feel good about “doing the right thing”, be able to tell people that they are “doing the right thing”, be socially accepted, etc., etc., etc. Sometimes “going to church” can be very profitable. Money can be a great incentive to be involved with a church.

There are many reasons to be part of a church that have very little if anything to do with God.

For example, someone recently asked “(Do you have a recommendation) for deliverance ministry for non-Christians? I’m not looking for your opinion about whether this is possible or not.”

This question was asked by a Christian who works in healing and is even the author of a few books.

This question reflects someone who wants their cake but wants to eat it too. In other words, they want to benefits and blessings of God without having a relationship with Him.

For example, let’s say that someone was 6’7″, 290 pounds, all muscle, 29-year-old man who is walking down the street, minding your business. One day another man of smaller stature walks up and says “hey, you’re a big guy, I stole some money from these guys and now they are after me. Will you help me?”

About that time 6 guys come around the corner and they are all after this guy. Every one of them has a chain, club, knife, or some kind of weapon with them.

If you were the big guy, how excited would YOU be about helping this guy? If you DID help him do you think he would be eternally grateful to you or do you think he would even be there after it was all over? Do you think that he would quit stealing after that or do you think he would likely continue in that lifestyle?

In other words, the thief finds a willing person to help him out of a jam but then has no desire to reciprocate in the relationship or even change his ways.

That is exactly what the question above, ” Do you have a recommendation for deliverance ministry for non-Christians? I’m not looking for your opinion about whether this is possible or not.” reflects.

This is just one example of a multitude that I could site.

Yeshua faced pride and contempt continuously
This is not unlike the opposition that Yeshua faced.

Luke 9:22 reads  “The Son of Man is destined to experience great suffering and face complete rejection by the Jewish leaders and religious hierarchy. He will be killed and raised back to life on the third day.”

Other translations read more like:
“The Son of man must suffer many things, and be rejected of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be slain, and be raised the third day.”

In this example, the religious people wanted the benefits of God that Yeshua preached but they would not accept the commitment to God that is involved in a loving relationship. In other words, they wanted the big guy to take care of their threat but they were unwilling to stick around to fulfill whatever commitment they might have.

They wanted the burger the way THEY wanted it and they were unwilling to accept anything less or give any more in return.

Yeshua is forming a new army for these days
Yeshua is looking for a people who will remain committed to Him in a covenant relationship: People that will serve Him as He serves them.

He is looking for and raising up a spiritual army who will represent Himself in the days ahead: A spiritual army who, like Him, will only do what the Father says to do. Saints who will align themselves with Heaven so that they can fulfill all that the Father has for them in Yeshua.

Will you answer the call?

Blessings in Yeshua
Parson Rayphe
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