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Key to the Kingdom: Know who you are Part 3 / 3

A quick review:
In part one of our three-part series, I emphasized the necessity of knowing who you are in order to fulfill your God-given destiny. I briefly discussed the concept of covenants and their application to you: Specifically the Abrahamic Covenant. Finally, I addressed the nation of Biblical Israel (not the current body politic in the East) and how you are a part of it if you are in covenant with the Most High God through Yeshua the Messiah.

Part 2 of our series is about embracing the history of Israel and the heritage that you can embrace in Yeshua.

We discussed how Israel was dispersed and how Yeshua not only came to begin the regathering process as Bible prophecy said He would, but He also commissioned those who would follow after Him to continue the process and that in that process is where we are today.

The more you can embrace your heritage and where you are in time and space. the more confident you will be in the things of God.

As we conclude this series, in part 3 I will address additional, real life, tangible ways that embracing your Biblical heritage and knowing who you are “In Messiah” will impact your life even more.

Embracing your Biblical heritage gives you a sense of belonging
In the many years I have been traveling this path I have noticed that sometimes people sincerely do want to cut ties with the world.

However, its as if they are sitting in a boat that is tied to a dock. They pull out an ax and chop off the mooring lines that are keeping them secured to the dock.

However, as the boat begins to drift away they realize that their boat has no oars, paddles, anchor or engine. Suddenly they find themselves cut off from what they knew but they are simply left adrift in the vast sea of options.

Embracing your God-given heritage not only gives you a sense of belonging but it also gives you a real and tangible heritage that you can grab on to.

Embracing your Biblical heritage gives you a place to belong
Not only does embracing your Biblical heritage give you a sense of belonging but it also provides you with a very tangible place to be.

There have been many times over the years that people have said that they themselves are the only person they know that truly desire the things of God.

In many cases this is true. As God calls some out of babylon they find that others refuse the call. Things can get pretty lonely pretty fast.

When you embrace your Biblical heritage, eventually you realize that you are not alone. At some point, you will find others who are also experiencing the same calling, feelings, excitement, and challenges that you are. Before long you begin to understand that you really do have a place where you belong after-all.

Embracing your Biblical heritage fill gaps that leaving the world behind created
This is similar to the first two points yet distinctly different. When God told you to come out of babylon to embrace Him and His ways, He did it for several reasons. One of those reasons is He has a whole new way of life waiting for you to embrace.

He wants you to trade the world’s holidays for His Holy-days. He wants you to trade “going to church” with spending time with Him and His people. He wants you to trade your religion for a relationship with Yeshua.

Wholly embracing your spiritual heritage in Biblical Israel allows you to leave the things of babylon behind and replace it with a very real and tangible Godly lifestyle that is as a pleasing aroma to your Lord and Savior.

Embracing your Biblical heritage gives you a sense of security
Many of these are related but they are different enough that they make a very tangible difference.

Not only does embracing the heritage of Biblical Israel give you a place to be but it can also give you a place of security.

Have you ever tried to hit a moving target? If so you know that it can be a little challenging.

Much of America’s mainstream religion is like trying to hit a moving target: You never really know what is expected of you if anything. Embracing your Biblical heritage gives you that sense of security: You know who you are and why you do what you do. While it does require commitment, prayer and study, embracing your Biblical heritage can help you be confident in your relationship with God in Yeshua.

Embracing your Biblical heritage will bring the details of life into focus for you.
Much of the heritage that God is offering you is originally found in the “Tanach” (O / T) and then walked out by the dear saints in the Renewed Covenant (N / T) as an example for us to follow.

So expanding your horizon to embrace all of the Bible is a little difficult to put into words but it makes all the difference.

What if you purchased a new exercise machine and brought it home in a box to assemble.

Once you begin you realize that the instructions are missing and only half of the several nuts and bolts are there. Discouraged, and not wanting to travel a couple of hours each way, you decide to suffer through the frustrating process.

That can be what America’s mainstream religion is like. Some begin the Bible at Matthew, others at the book of Acts. One day you are trying to make sense of something when you realize that you don’t have all of the information and some of the parts are missing.

To a thinking person, this is nonsensical and frustrating. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many people I have met, and heard of, who have left “Christianity” because “it just doesn’t make sense”. Often they end up going to where there are answers and it is often not anything to do with God.

Conclusion: If you have stayed with me this long I appreciate it and I am so glad you did. Perhaps the thought has crossed your mind that “it (Christianity) really wasn’t / isn’t like that for me or “I can’t see how all of this makes that much difference”, etc.

Well, everyone’s experience is different but over the years I have met many, many people who have experienced some mixture of all of these things.

This article was not written out of reading and thinking about how it could be. Rather it was born out of many years of walking in “The Way”.

It’s kind of like a carnival ride: You can imagine what it might be like but the only way to really know is to experience it. And with the things we are talking about here, to experience them in a half-hearted fashion is to not experience them at all.

If you are unsure about all of this and you want to take some time to investigate and go slowly that is understandable and perhaps even wise. But just know that at some point, in order to experience everything that comes with embracing your Biblical heritage as Biblical Israel, at some point you will have to go all in. Doing less will leave you feeling frustrated and unfulfilled, unable to really experience what God has for you.

But for those who are willing, there is a whole new life that is waiting that is richer than anything imaginable.

Confession: I embrace the heritage that Yahweh God has created for me. I will leave babylon and embrace all of the things of God that He has available for me in Yeshua.

Prayer: Father God thank You for making a way for me. Thank You for creating such a rich heritage for me and making a way for me to step into it. Please help me to do that in Yeshua’s name.

Dr. Rayphe
God’s Kingdom Realm

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