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New details and some thoughts about the kidnapping plot against Michigan Gov. Whitmer

I wholly and completely condemn the alleged kidnapping plot against the Michigan governor.

However, there are a few things that I think need to be remembered that I have not heard about this anywhere else.

  • She is blaming President Trump while it is a Federal police department, acting under his direction, that stopped the alleged plot.
  • While I wholly condemn the plot without reservation, this is the kind of thing that civil leaders who actively violate the American Constistution, and infringe upon other’s freedoms as she is doing, should expect from those who are less stable.
  • It was the Michigan Governor Gov. Gretchen Whitmer  who time and again has knowingly and purposefully violated the rights and freedoms of Michigan residents, not President Trump.

Six men were arrested by the FBI on Wednesday and charged with attempting to kidnap the governor, while seven others tied to the scheme were arrested and charged with state terrorism threats targetting law enforcement officers.

Here is the story from Fox News

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