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Every day (m-f) I produce a 30 minute, live program on Kingdom Realm Radio that begins at 9:00 AM PT  called “God’s Kingdom”.  The program is then replayed in the evening.

With a focus on Living in God’s Kingdom Realm in spirit, soul, mind, and body, I bring a unique perspective of relevant, real-life issues to help you in your journey.  During the program, join us in the Chat Room as we address how to live spiritually in God’s Kingdom Realm, while living in our physical world.

I discuss subjects such as news & commentary, small groups, home churches, faith, spiritual authority, Courts of Heaven, spiritual warfare, current affairs, cultural issues, healing,  prophecy, and much more, all in the context of the Kingdom of God.  Click here for the podcast archive.

I bring to the mic lots of education, training, unique life experiences,  approximately 20 years of Pastoral, counseling, and coaching ministry, and much more as I share the Word of God in an applicable, practical, encouraging, and relevant way:  All to help you fulfill the calling that God has placed on your life. 

The program is then produced into a podcast with a written article or summary.  It is then replayed in the evening; please check the schedule for the exact time.

Click here to listen and for the current schedule.

Blessings in Yeshua,
Parson Rayphe
Living in “God’s Kingdom Realm”

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