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Kingdom Country Radio is a part of God’s Kingdom Realm

Photo by Parson Rayphe at Kingdom Realm Ranch

24-hour internet radio:  An encouraging mix of country, cowboy, bluegrass, and southern gospel with a touch of applicable, hand-picked contemporary Christian music, and relevant talk radio including subjects such as The Kingdom of God, healing, restoration, aligning with God,  spiritual healing of the land, spiritual warfare, prophecy,  America, health, news, current events, and more.

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“Kingdom Country Radio” – Real, Relevant & Encouraging 

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Broadcast Schedule

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All times are Pacific Time – USA.  Music plays between scheduled programming

10 – 15 minutes at the top of the hour
God’s Kingdom with Parson Rayphe

With a focus of being current, relevant, and applicable, every day Parson Rayphe brings his unique perspective with real answers to help you on your journey to live in God’s Kingdom Realm on earth. Parson Rayphe addresses subjects such as cutting worldly ties, current events, healing, wholeness, & life transitions, faith, spiritual authority, spiritual warfare, The REAL “Church” / Ecclesia, cultural issues, prophecy,  and more are all addressed in the context of the Kingdom of God. Click here for more.  

8:06 AM – 8:57  AM  |  monday – Friday
Commonsense Conversations (CSC) Talk Radio (Live) with Beth Ann

Beth Ann doesn’t shy away from tackling the toughest of today’s issues with a good dose of commonsense. Her passion for our Nation, our Constitution, and a love and respect for our ranchers, farmers, and rural America is reflected in the many topics that the show explores. The mission is to preserve and protect Independence in America; by speaking the truth, standing up for our Constitution, and honoring God and family.  CSC Talk Radio

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM |  monday – friday
Crosstalk with Jim Schneider (Live)

Crosstalk covers the issues that affect our world, our nation, our families, and the Christian church from a Biblical perspective. Issues involve the economy, the political scene, the continuing moral collapse of our nation, legislation that affects the family, or the state of evangelicalism. Host Jim Schneider has worked for over 30 years to bring solid information to the body of Christ.

1:00 PM – 1:30 PM Monday – Friday & Sunday
Daily News and Current Events with Mark Call
Daily (mostly) applicable news and current events from a Biblical, come out of Babylon perspective.


Random replays and more inspirational music during the night

Weekday Schedule

Pacific Time
5:00 AM (3 hrs.) Morning Meditation Music
8:06 AM (50) Commonsense Conversations
9:00 AM  (30) God’s Kingdom

12:00 PM (60) Crosstalk
7:30 PM (30) God’s Kingdom

8:00 PM (30)  UNSHACKLED! Prerecorded
8:30 PM (30) Hymns
Inspirational and encouraging music in between scheduled programming


Pacific Time
5:00 AM (90 min.) Morning Meditation Music

6:30 AM  (30) God’s Kingdom (Replay)

7:30 PM (30) God’s Kingdom (Replay)
8:00 PM (30)   UNSHACKLED!
Ispirational and encouraging music inbetween scheduled programming


Pacific Time
5:00 AM (90 min.) Morning Meditation Music

6:30 AM  (30) H&R Daily Encouragement (Replay)

7:30 PM (30) H&R Daily Encouragement (Replay)
8:00 PM (30)   UNSHACKLED!
Ispirational and encouraging music inbetween scheduled programming

“Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness;
and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Matthew 6:33

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