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Give Me Liberty, Not Marxism

America and her freedoms are worth defending, but both are rapidly approaching a critical tipping point.  On November 3rd, Americans go to the polls to vote for our future and, subject to the election’s outcome, we must be ready to aggressively push against those who would trash this great nation should the radical Democrat Party elite take over the White House and Senate and begin to push an anti-constitutional agenda.

President Donald Trump may not be a perfect candidate but his almost four-year policy record is quite impressive.  President Trump appointed more than 190 mostly strict constitutional constructionists to our federal courts; pushed back at communist Chinese tyrants on a host of critical issues; installed pragmatic immigration policies and built more than 200 miles of wall on our southern border that protects American citizens; and gave us a great economy even after considering the COVID-19 shutdown. 

By comparison the Democrat Party’s…..

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