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Money is the way to the “new world order”

In Genesis 11 it is recorded that humans rebelled against God.  One of the ways they did this was by not spreading out throughout the world as they had been instructed.  Consequently, God confused their language which encouraged people to assemble in groups according to their different languages.

The natural result of this was the eventual creation of people groups, nations, borders, laws, and eventually, each group coming to be all that a “country” entails.  Nations are addressed in numerous places throughout the Bible.

As time and technologies evolved currencies representing valuable resources were created and individual countries instituted various financial laws, technologies, and protocols regarding money, trading, and the like.

As large Banks have grown and individuals have traded across borders, complications for these banks have surfaced due to exchange rates, differing laws in differing countries, differing bank policies, etc.

According to a report by consulting firm Oliver Wyman, these issues that arise from national borders cost big banks approximately $80 billion every year.  Isn’t that amazing?  That’s big bucks.  It is an astounding figure.

Jean-Claude Juncker, European Commission president says that national borders are “the worst invention ever”.

Of course, Big banks see this as a major problem.  Their obvious solution to their perceived problem is to remove all the borders and hurdles that create these costs.

One of the ingredients to this pot of perceived problems is cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.  Up until recently the big banks vehemently viewed cryptocurrency as a rebel outlaw that refused to comply with the system.  However, after seeing the success of it, they are now seeing the benefits that it is enjoying while trading around the world in an environment with fewer hurdles than their own.  So now, since they’ve not been able to successfully fight them they are probing the idea of joining them and perhaps even creating their own cryptocurrency.

One World Currency
Big banks have been moving toward a one-world currency for several decades.  However, their embracing of cryptocurrency is one sign that their efforts are beginning to see fruition.

The way they see it is the fewer hurdles they have to jump over the more money they make and it seems that the removal of (at least) financial borders may be in sight.

In this way, the new cashless society that is being promoted would allow them to have complete control over every individual’s finances.  With the click of a mouse, an individual’s finances could be frozen, or perhaps even erased, all around the world.  This should be of particular interest to “Christians” as many of those who are pushing this agenda are communists who by nature are atheists who by nature are antiChristian.

Two of the major promoters of an international currency are Russia and China.  There is an old saying that has an obvious meaning; “he who has the gold makes the rules”.  So if Russia and or China were to emerge as those holding the strings, it would be something that Christians should want to be aware of.

China has been pushing for a one-world currency for many years.  In 2009 the governor of China’s central bank called for the creation of “an international reserve currency that is disconnected from individual nations and is able to remain stable in the long run.”

Of course, while some may ask what that international currency would be, again, China has the answer for that: They suggest that the new International currency would be the renminbi which is China’s currency.  They have even erected a large billboard at the International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand of their international plans for the renminbi.

It should be noted that the billboard is sponsored by the Bank of China and that the country of China owns 70% of the Bank of China.

It should also be noted that it has been reported that Christian persecution is worse in China now than “any other time of history”.  If you know anything at all about what that statement involves, it is saying a lot.  So if you consider yourself to be in covenant with Yeshua the thought of Chinese communists holding your purse strings should throw up some red flags to you.

When discussing an International currency one would be amiss to neglect the sleeping bear; Russia.  I say sleeping because we here in America don’t hear much about the Russian ruble but Russia is far from asleep.  In a recent article found in the “Russia Insider”, one of President Putin’s top economists and advisors, Sergey Glaziev said that “The ruble is the most gold-backed currency in the world.”  He went on to say that there is twice as much gold in Russia’s treasury then the amount of rubles that are circulating.  This may or may not be muscle-flexing.  Considering China’s vast gold reserves and the amount of rubles circulating the statement could be questionable:  But regardless, it very clearly communicates that Russia does not intend to go down quietly in the financial arena.

Russia and China partnership
China and Russia are taking steps to partner for the purpose of subverting the US dollar.  China has even developed a money transfer system with Russia called the Cross-Border Inter-Bank Payments System (CIPS).  It was launched in October of 2015 with 19 banks; nine of which were foreign and it seems to be expanding.

The American dollar
A reserve currency is one that is accepted for trade throughout the world.  Right now, largely due to the strength of President Trump, the U.S. dollar is strongest among the world’s reserve currencies.  However, all of this is putting an incredible amount of pressure on the U.S. dollar.  If, for whatever reason,  the U.S. dollar were to lose reserve currency status it would most likely have a drastic impact on the American economy.  How all of this will exactly shakeout is based upon a nearly infinite number of factors and so, on a natural level, only time will tell.

There are many people who believe that investing in tangibles in these days in a good investment.  While that idea does address many of the concerns put forth in this article, and more, doing that is not without its own set of challenges either.

Christians in the Kingdom of God
I have never professed to be a financial advisor and so none of the information presented here should be construed as such.   Rather it is intended to paint a picture of financial world affairs with a very broad brush and a prophetic perspective.

I do however have some insight in regards to the Kingdom of God which includes the earthly realm.  The Bible has much to say about finances and the stewardship of them.  The purpose of this article is to provide information for you when making financial choices in regards to your functioning in the Kingdom of God in the tumultuous days ahead.

The Word of God tells us that all of the silver, gold, the earth and everything in it belongs to Yahweh God.  Haggai 2:8, Psalm 50:10

There are numerous Scriptures in the Bible regarding finances and ministries that specialize in financial advice.  However, first and foremost, I can’t encourage you enough to seek the Spirit of God in prayer and ask Him for guidance in these important matters.

But whatever you do for your particular situation there is one piece of counsel that I never hesitate to give:

Seek you first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness;
and all these things shall be added unto you.

Matthew 6:33 

It’s always the right thing to do.

Blessings in Yeshua
Parson Rayphe
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