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how artificial intelligence effects Christian life in America

Technology and its impact upon the Christian life

As always the first segment of today’s Morning Watch (6:30 AM PT) was dedicated to the “Daily Encouragement“.  Today’s Daily Encouragement focuses on prayer and some of the reasons you are not receiving the answers to prayer that you might like.

Technology and the “Christian” life
I also discussed technology and the “Christian” life in more general terms.  I am certainly not against technology.  After all, It is via technology that I broadcast on the radio every day.  Likewise, it is even via technology that you are reading this article.

Everything can be abused; vehicles, alcohol, people, candy, money, music, everything. So it is not technology that I am addressing today but rather some of the nefarious ways it is used.

Like the story of the grandmother who was sitting on the couch “visiting” with family; technology is not always beneficial.
technology, cell phones, destroying family relationshipsFrom a Biblical perspective; while the use of technology is not a sin, the abuse of it certainly is.  That sin can b identified as managing one’s time poorly, neglecting various relationships, bad health, viewing unGodly content, etc., etc., etc.

One example comes to us as a story from South Korea.  A married couple literally starved their baby to death.  They only fed it once per day because they spent all of the rest of their time….  nearly 24 hours a day,  at an internet cafe playing a computer game.  You can read the full story here.

Addictions are primarily a spiritual issue and they should always be considered from that perspective.  Still, there are various other means and information that can also help such as “The Center for internet addiction“.

Artificial Intelligence in the military
During the second segment, I discussed “AI”; artificial intelligence”, some of the ways it is affecting all of our lives, and what we can do about it.

Another adverse way that technology could work against us is in the area of military weaponry.  For example, DARPA now relates that where airplane pilots used to be the commander of their ship, courageously battling it out in the sky, military aircraft pilots are now being trained as “cockpit based mission commanders” commanding a fleet of drones to do the dirty work.  While I am all for keeping human life out of harm’s way, there is just tremendous potential for these ideas to “fly South”, leading to tremendous problems.

AI in the military: Will it stop there?

The “green initiative”
The last example I provided was the “green initiative” that is now being pushed.  The UN Agendas 21 and 2030 are utilizing technology in a most controlling way that has the potential of impacting people all over the world.  The impact that “green” vehicles have upon the environment has been demonstrated time and again.  Still, it is their ambitious goal that “”walking comes first, bicycles and scooters second and public transport third.  Cars should only come in fourth place.”  That’s right, you can walk wherever you need to go.” – TN Editor

Most of us have heard of various ways that modern technology is becoming more and more intrusive.  These are simply three ways that this invasive species directly impacts you and yours.

Big money is the backbone behind much of modern technology
The “Big money: the world bankers is the backbone behind much of modern technology but perhaps not for the reasons you might think.

“The worlds central banks are not independent banks led by teams of experts dedicated to establishing prudent national monetary policy.  No, they are nothing of the sort and never were intended to be.  They are simply a cartel-like crime syndicate that operates under the direction of the Swiss-based “Super central bank,” the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).  And the BIS is just one more tool in the arsenal of elite monetary control of the world.” – The Daily Bell, August 11, 2011

The world’s central banks are backing big pharma and big technology to imprison you in every way possible.  One of those ways is to create another war.  To them, another war is a good idea: While making a major impact on population control, pharmaceutical sales, expensive, highly advanced technology sold to the military complete with wars to go with them are big, big money makers.  After all, WW II is what brought the United States out of the “Great Depression”.

The main answer
There are various approaches that could and should be taken in response to these issues however the first, foremost and absolute best way to approach these threats is through prayer.

While it may seem that you are all alone and can’t do much I would like to remind you of Elijah: He felt the same way.

Then said Elijah unto the people, I, even I only, remain a prophet of the LORD;
but Baal’s prophets are four hundred and fifty men.
1 Kings 18:22

And remember how Elisha’s ears were opened to what the king who wanted to destroy His people were saying.

And one of his servants said, None, my
Lord, O king: but Elisha, the prophet that is in Israel, tells the king of Israel
the words that you speak in your bedchamber.
2 Kings 6:12 

Finally remember 2 Kings 6:16 when Elisha told his servant not to be afraid of the circling army because they that be with us are more than they that be with them”.

These kinds of stories are all through the Bible.  For those who “abide in Christ”, He is faithful and true to the end.  Even if that means waiting until the end when nothing else seems to make any sense: Even if it means waiting until you’re in heaven to give you your reward.

Remember, as I discussed in today’s Daily Encouragement, you were born into the epic battle of all battles.  Learn to use the weaponry and resources that God has provided so that you can go forth in God’s love and confidence.  You can do it! issues of life in America today.

Blessings in Yeshua
Parson Rayphe
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