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God’s Kingdom Podcast Summary: The Nature Of Law

God’s Kingdom Podcast Summary: The Nature of Law

Recently a mega church put out a statement saying that Fox News viewers should be considered radicalized terrorists.

Christians are “radicalized terrorists”?

“This is …for people you know who have been radicalized by Fox News and other nationalists, not conservative media, who’ve been pummeled with fear and hatred of “the other”, that they’ve become Isis like toward others. How can you and family and friends guide them through conversation to show them that their actions are now in direct contrast with the values they feign to purport” the article said.

This is the state of America’s mainstream religion called modern Christianity, which is still America’s primary religion, although just barely. Of course, it’s really not Christianity, but that’s another story.

So, interpreted, this is what the president of that organization is saying: “If you are holding on to Biblical values then you are radical, you have been converted to fear and hatred by being pummeled by isis like fanaticism that has turned your values into being in direct contrast to Biblical values.”

Of course, the reality is these people are so far away from biblical values themselves that they have no idea what they even are.

So a significant question then is “what is God’s law”? Specifically today, I would like to pose the question, “what is the nature of law“?

You can’t mix politics and religion

How many times have you heard something like “you can’t mix politics and religion”? Even recently I was again involved in a political discussion with a college professor. As soon as I began invoking God’s laws he said that he didn’t mix politics and religion. He then declined to continue the discussion.

This is not the first time this very thing has occurred. It constantly amazes me that people think that it is possible to separate one’s thoughts from their politics. On the other hand, it seems commonplace today that reasonableness is checked at the door when entering the discussion room.

You can’t legislate morality!

Even when I was not walking with God, I thought how crazy it is that people think you can’t legislate morality. The reality is temporal law is nothing BUT legislated morality.

It is impossible to somehow separate one’s “morality” from the spirit. The two are interwoven like milk in a shake.

It is completely nonsensical to think that you can separate actions from the inner thoughts, spirit, and soul. Of course, we all make mistakes: But as an example, recently in a random act of violence, without pausing or saying a word, a 30 something-year-old black male sucker-punched a 92-year-old white woman who was minding her own business while just walking down the sidewalk. His “morals” obviously dictated that he thought that behavior was acceptable.

Likewise, in the days of the Roman coliseums, Rome thought that it was “moral” to throw Christians and others to the lions.

I often address various aspects of law. I have talked about the Declaration of Independence, Constitutional law, Kingdom Law, Spiritual Laws, Biblical Law, Common Law, and more. I have talked about how these affect your daily life.

A lot of the reason that I am so taken with the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution is that these documents reflect the heart of those who created them.

The Law Through Faith

In today’s program, I refer to the Book of Romans.

Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid: yea, we establish the law. 

Romans 3:31 

It is through faith that law is established. This is a reality that it seems most are unwilling or incapable of accepting. Law is established through one’s faith. One’s faith will dictate the laws they promote or acknowledge. What one “believes” will dictate what laws they promote. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Romans 7:14 says that “The law is spiritual”. Other Sciriptures to reference are Romans 7:1, 2:17,25,28, & 29.

The nature of all law is spiritual. All laws begin in the spirit realm, even laws of science: In the beginning God created….

Blessings in Yeshua,
Parson Rayphe
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