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Sin nature, satan, the devil, God's law

The “sin nature” of evil

Have you heard of the “Christianese” language? It is a language foreign to the vast majority of the population. It is a cryptic language spoken among many sects of Christianity that expresses concepts unique to the religion. Some Christianese words and phrases include “washed in the blood”, born again, and “are you “saved””.

I purposely refrain from speaking the language for a number of reasons. However, for the purpose of this article, I am going to introduce a Christianese phrase: That phrase is “sin nature”.

What is the “sin nature”?
While it is not important to remember the phrase, it is important to understand the concept. For the remnant of God, it is imperative that the sin nature is routed out.

Back to Genesis: When God created Adam and Eve He “breathed” the breath of life into him” (Gen. 2:7). When God did that, it was more than just CPR. When God breathed into Adam He breathed His Spirit, character, and nature into him (Gen. 1:27).

In the Septuagint, the same Greek word that is translated into the English word “breathed” (Gen. 2:7) is also found in John 20:22 when Yeshua “breathed” upon the Apostles and imparted Holy Spirit to them.

From the time that God breathed upon Adam and Even in Genesis 2:7, they had a very pure, unadulterated, unhindered relationship with God. At that point, there was no “sin nature” in the human race.

However, later, in Genesis chapter 3 the “purity” of the relationship was defiled. Adam and Eve opened their spiritual doors and received what the devil offered them. This adulterated the relationship that they had with God. As a result of this corruption, Adam and Eve took upon themselves the nature of the corruptor. Adam and Eve took upon themselves the devil’s “sin nature”.

Today that sin nature that began in the garden has had approximately 6,000 years to mature as it has been passed down through the generations (Gen. 5:3) .

Every person living today has thousands of years of generational sin, curses, disease, etc., etc., etc., that has accumulated and been passed down the generational line.

Because Adam and Eve invited the author of sin to breed his sinful nature into the spiritual and physical DNA of mankind, sin has corrupted the entire race for the last 6,000 years.

In this way, the satan’s “sin nature” becomes part of your “spiritual DNA”. Accordingly, your “spiritual DNA” is also integrated into your physical DNA. How does that work? In part, say a man fathers a child with a woman who has several generations of drug and alcohol addiction in the family line. Drug and alcohol addiction is a spiritual issue with multiple physical manifestations. Over the decades, centuries, and millennia, those addictions play a part in shaping who the woman is and who her offspring will be both spiritually, mentally and physically. Of course, the same thing is true for the man as well.

As previously mentioned, part of what is passed down through every generational line is the “sin nature” that was originally introduced into the human race, by the devil, through Adam and Eve. This is part of what is meant when Apostle Paul wrote “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” Romans 10:9.

As Romans 10:9 so states, the “sin nature” is something that everyone has to deal with. The good news is, God has made a way where there is no other way. This is what being “born again” is all about.

When you are “born again” you become a new creation. However, when a person is born physically that new biological life begins at conception and that begins a long and arduous process to maturity. Being born is a process for all new life and being “born again” as a “new creation” into a new life “in Yeshua” is no exception.

With Yeshua, we can overcome the sin nature
Without Yeshua, all of the barriers that separate us from the Father would be unsurmountable. The Bible refers to Yeshua as the “Second Adam” because He accomplished what the first Adam didn’t. In so doing He cleared the path to victory for all of us.

If all Yeshua accomplished on the cross would have been Sacrificing Himself for our sin, it would have been a wonderful and blessed thing.

But praise God He accomplished so much more. He also conquered evil and rose again defeating death and making a mockery of the adversary, his demons, and his followers. By doing this Yeshua made it possible for you to be set free from every burden that has been established to keep you separated from the Father’s love for you.

Blessings in Yeshua
Parson Rayphe
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