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Remnant Briefing 12-18-19

Topics addressed during today’s Remnant Briefing:

– What is the Remnant Briefing and God’s Kingdom Realm Radio all about? Why do we do what we do?

– The charges against President Trump are not weak: They are nonexistant. As a result, they had to make something up.

– Leaders from muslim nations are joining together to confer on issues that agitate muslims.

– Germany is progressing toward banning homosexual “conversion therapies” such as Califonia has already done.

The religious test: Is it a bad thing? America used to have one, in a way it still does, Inda is considering implementing one.

Football fans in Hong Kong booed as the Chiese national anthem was played before a football game.

Virginia is not only proposing to outlaw firearms but they are even outlawing learning how to defend yourself.

As economic catastrophe unfolds, for a time, dangerous, feral packs of wild animals will be roaming around. In this case, Montana is bracing for feral hogs.

Will you join Him?

The Remnant Briefing is a daily, one-hour news and current event program with prophetic commentary, and equipping for the Remnant of God, with Parson Rayphe, on God’s Kingdom Realm Radio. It is also available by way of podcast. The recording is also embedded in this abbreviated written outline.

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