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should Christians celebrate halloween,

Occultic dangers of halloween

halloween is “holy” unto the satan
Halloween is one of the most hideous, grotesque, unexplainably terrible days of the year. Halloween is a day that is created to be wholly and completely evil: It is “wholly” evil, as well as “holy” evil.

What I mean by “Holy” is halloween is a season that is wholly committed and sanctified unto the enemy of your soul, who is a murderer, a liar, and a thief, according to the Scriptures. Halloween is dedicated wholly and completely to the devil.

I hate the satan and his “holy” day of the year
For that reason alone, I detest halloween. No Christian, no believer in the Messiah, no one in covenant with Yeshua, no one who claims the God of the Bible should even have the slightest thing to do with “celebrating” halloween.

It’s my view that “harvest festivals” are an abomination also.

“Harvest festivals” are a sad testimony of the lack of God’s reality
“Harvest festivals” offer children (and adults) with options similar to what the satan offers to the world. If a “church” is a real church rather than a social club, it should offer and provide so much more than anything that even remotely resembles what the world or the satan has to offer. The devil’s offerings shouldn’t even compare to what a good, Godly, Bible-based church has to offer.

When God’s people come together it should be VERY different than anything at the world has to offer
When the ecclesia gathers together, the fruits and manifestations of the Holy Spirit, including “signs and wonders” should be commonplace.

For those who are genuinely seeking the Most High, the gathering of God’s people should initiate a sense of belonging. Why? Because there is belonging, real belonging.

In contrast to the good things of God, there are the evil things of the satan. The satan facilitates death where Yahweh God gives life.

Everything of halloween is satanic, and everything that is satanic is evil; diametrically opposed to everything that is good and of God.

halloween is satanic, what is satanic is evil
As I was researching this issue for today’s Readiness Tip, I came across some information that is very applicable.

It was created as a training program for police officers. It describes the typical traits of a cult. I have known these things. I have even taught some of these things myself. However, I will admit that I was a bit taken when I saw a complete list written out.

“See that no man deceives you”
The commonalities of the things of God and occult tactics is almost staggering.

Of course, there are a few Christian police officers. However, in principle, police officers will view occult behavior as a circumstance that meets a set of criteria, there will be very little real “discernment” on the issue.

In Matthew 24:3 the disciples asked Yeshua what they should watch for as a sign of His return. His answer to them was “see that no man deceives you”.

Far and above, the best way to not be deceived is to exercise discernment. Looking at an established criteria will sometimes lead you in the right direction: But in the end, a very key component to staying safe is by discerning evil.

For example, one of the earmarks of the occult is isolation which in this case is described as “a loss of reality induced by physical separation from society”.

So what does the word of God say about that? The Bible clearly instructs God’s people to separate from the world, right?

On the surface it may appear similar, but the two realities are really very different.

Discernment looks past what is in plain view and provides the bearer with eyes to asses and see the real and spiritual nature of a word, condition, or circumstance.

In regards to staying safe, both spiritually and physically; I have taught for many years that it is all about awareness, awareness, awareness, and avoidance, avoidance, avoidance.

When it comes to occultic activity it is awareness, awareness, awareness, avoidance, avoidance, avoidance, and discernment, discernment, discernment that will save the day.

God wants you to be safe in spirit, soul, and body. So for safety, He has established boundaries for you to stay in. He loves you and wants the best for you.

Dr. Rayphe
Dr. Rayphe was has been a student of Personal protection, home security, and various aspects of crime prevention for many years. His years of being in military police, a police officer, Pastoring and counseling ministry has provided him with a broader and deeper perspective to these issues. As a Bible-based instructor / Coach part of Dr. Rayphe’s ministry is helping God’s people to be prepared.

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