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Who is Israel? Judaism, Messianic, Hebrew Roots of the Christian Faith, Jewish

Please allow me to share some things that should clarify our perspective of “Israel”.

  1. We neither support the existing secular state of Israel nor do we wish them any ill-will. In no way are we anti-jewish or antisemitic.
  2. We do not recognize the current, existing body politic in the Middle East as Biblical Israel.
  3. Biblically, there is only one way to be counted as “Israel” in the eyes of God and that is to embrace Yeshua as the Messiah. (Rom.9:6, Gal. 3:9)
  4. We recognize the tribe of “Judah” as one of the twelve tribes of Biblical Israel, but only one of twelve.
  5. The word “Jew” is short for “Judah”.  However modern-day “Jews” may identify themselves as such for any of three reasons; ethnicity, religion (Judaism), or culture. Just because someone identifies as “Jewish” it does not mean that they are a part of Biblical Israel.
  6. We do not see “Jewish as being synonymous with Biblical “Israel”.  A person can be a part of Biblical Israel without being Jewish, a person can be “Jewish” with no interest in Biblical Israel, and of course, a person can be Jewish and a part of Biblical Israel.
  7. We see “Jews” who practice Judaism (A religion based upon the “Old Testament” and numerous man-made rules, regulations, and traditions) as needing to be acquainted with the Messiah Yeshua just like the rest of the world.
  8. We do not subscribe to any form of “replacement theology” nor do we see America as the “new Israel”.
  9. We are not racist or discriminatory in any way against any race of people; Jewish or non-Jewish.
  10. Unless otherwise specified, when we refer to “Israel” we are referring to “Biblical Israel”.  We consider Biblical Israel to be the people of the God of the Bible who God has called, and is calling.  He is calling His people out of the world and into a relationship with Jesus / Yeshua, regardless of where they are living or what people group of which they are currently a part.  Biblical Israel can be found in pretty much every tribe, skin color, tongue, nation, group, and subgroup.
  11. God eagerly embraces all who come to Him, regardless of ethnicity, and everyone who does come to Yeshua automatically becomes a part of Biblical Israel (Luke 1:68, Gal. 6:16).
  12. Everyone who enters the “New Jerusalem” will enter through one of twelve gates, each identified as being for one of the twelve tribes (Rev.21:12) of Israel: There is no “Jewish” gate, “gentile” gate, or Christian gate.
  13. God warmly welcomes all into Biblical Israel that would like to join with Him in Yeshua.  When someone embraces Yeshua as the Messiah, and their Master, they automatically become a part of Biblical Israel (Luke 1:68, Gal. 6:16).
  14. There is only one instruction for all of Israel.  There is not one instruction for Jews, another for “Gentiles” and another for Christians.  There is just one instruction for all of God’s people.
  15. God is in the process of restoring Biblical Israel according to the prophecies of the Bible.
  16. The people of Biblical Israel will unite and return to the covenant land of Israel and God will give Israel a unified, pure language according to the Biblical prophecy.
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