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Living in God’s kingdom Realm

Jesus’ / Yeshua’s ministry had many facets but every one of them was rooted in establishing the Kingdom of God on earth. This is very clearly related in a statement made about Yeshua as He first began His earthly ministry.


From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Matthew 4:17

When you look at all of the Bible through this lens it brings much clarity to the Word of God. This is why Yeshua answered the way He did when His disciples asked Him how to pray. After the salutation, the very first words of Yeshua’s prayer are:

“May Your Kingdom come and may YOUR will be done…” Matthew 6:10

And it is why He urged His followers to “Seek first the Kingdom of God” above all else Matthew 6:33.

God’s Kingdom Realm is a Heavenly place that resides on earth and even throughout the universe. It is not confined by space, time, or matter. It is a place where the people of God align themselves with the love, healing (spirit, soul, mind, emotions, body), faith, peace, joy, and will of the Father.

It’s a place with its own set of laws that are uninhibited by the restraints of the natural realm. It’s a place of dominion rather than defeat.

As we learn to function in God’s Kingdom Realm we learn to reside with the Father because that is where He is. It’s not that we are too  Heavenly minded to be any earthly good. Rather it is just that we are the answer to Yeshua’s prayer in John 17.

That they all may be one; as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that You have sent me. John 17:21

You have an open invitation to join Yeshua in God’s Kingdom Realm right now. In fact, YOU are the reason that He came to earth. He came to heal the broken and restore what has been lost.

The more we align ourselves with God, the more His empowering presence can be expressed through us.  The more His grace is expressed through us, the more we understand that what we thought was super-natural is really just God being God. We welcome you to join us as we explore “Living in God’s Kingdom Realm”, in every area of life. Parson Rayphe

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