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Home invasion gang. How to keep safe at home

How to prevent a home invasion

If a thief is found breaking in and is struck so that he dies, there shall be no bloodguilt for him
Exodus 22:2

Recently a 29 years old man in Texas was at home in his bed, during the night, when he heard a noise in the hall. His wife and two young children were also in the home.

He went to investigate and found two dark-skinned males, approximately six feet tall, standing in his hallway, just outside of his bedroom door. He fought with the home invaders, pushing them down the hall toward the kitchen where they shot him. They murdered him, leaving a wife, a one-year-old daughter, and a three-year-old son.

He died on his birthday, defending his family from armed home invaders. The man is a hero. He saved his family. He saved his kids and his wife.

The sheriff pointed out that it would have been very, very obvious to anyone that the home was occupied. There were even decorations outside. It was obviously a lived-in home.

The man died a hero
It is a terrible, terrible tragedy. The man died a hero. I don’t want to take away from that. However, I do want to encourage you in some ways that might enable you to avoid becoming a victim in that way.

Just to be clear, you could live in Fort Knox, and still be the victim of a break-in. If someone is determined enough, they’ will try to break-in to your home regardless of how fortified it is.

However, many times, particularly in an urban setting, you don’t have to fortify your home in order to be as secure as Fort Knox. All you really have to do is make your home more secure, safer than your neighbors.

It’s kind of like not needing to be able to outrun the bear when you just have to be faster than the guy next to you….

Burglars and other criminals are the same way. In regards to a home invasion, unless you are specifically targeted for some reason, theoretically, all you really need to do is protect your home better than those nearby.

Home invasion perspectives
Home invasions are becoming commonplace. On rare occasion there may be one perpetrator, often there are two, and sometimes gangs will break into a home together.

In days gone by, when burglars would break into a house, theft was the motive. Today the motive of home invaders could be anything and everything up to and including murder, which was the case for the unfortunate family man in Texas.

How to avoid a home invasion
There are a number of things that can be done to help you avoid being the victim of a home invasion.

Pulling your drapes at night, lighting up the outside of your home, bracing your doors, making sure all of your windows are secured and locked at night, are all very good security measures. The goal is to make the intruder make noise. Obstacles that create noise buy you time to take protective action.

A good alarm system, a watchdog, and firearms are also all good options to help prevent a home invasion.

Firearms for home invasions
A 12 gauge shotgun is a good option if you can handle it. If not, a 20 gauge is almost as effective, and even a 410 will do, and may even be better if you live in an apartment. A good handgun that is as powerful as you can handle might be a good option also. Regardless of your choice, take some classes, practice, and become familiar with your firearm.

If the victim in Texas would have stayed in his room and waited, or (if necessary for the children) if he would have exited his bedroom with a shotgun, the story would have probably had a much more favorable ending.

Along with with being good security measures, when defenses like these are penetrated it leaves no question as to the intentions of an intruder.

Home invasions in rural areas
If you’re in a rural area, some of the ideas above might help; however, due to the distance between homes, some of them may be ineffective if no one can hear them.

There are many things that you can do to make your home a less desirable target.

I pray that you never need to use any of this ever in your lifetime.

Remember: avoidance avoidance avoidance is always your first preference so take positive steps in that direction. Your primary defenses should be spiritual, after that look to the physical realm in the ways that have been addressed in this article.

Dr. Rayphe
Dr. Rayphe was has been a student of Personal protection, home security, and various aspects of crime prevention for many years. His years of being in military police, a police officer, Pastoring and counseling ministry has provided him with a broader and deeper perspective to these issues. As a Bible-based instructor / Coach part of Dr. Rayphe’s ministry is helping God’s people to be prepared.

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