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Prophetic warning to America, End Times, God's Judgment upon America

Prophecy for leading up to the november election and beyond

Following is a prophetic word from God given on 6/23/20 relating to the time period between the time it was given and the november elections.

There is going to be scorching heat, blight and the rains that will come will not be light and refreshing.

Even My creation will be made to suffer for your sake. The grass, birds, and trees will suffer for your sake. There is no sacrifice too great that I will not do during this season to call out to My Chosen Ones. Through the blistering heat and scorching sun, the blight and the rains will sift even more of My Chosen Ones out of the world. They will cry out to Me for help and deliverance.

Where will you go? How can you fix the current state? How can you stop up the heavens when they are being poured out over you? Where will you hide? You will have no where to go but to Me! As a child seeks the safety and security in the arms of a father, so will My Chosen Ones do also. They will realize they have no where to go and finally turn to Me.

My adversary is planning on rounding up people for their safety, but this is an attempt to disrupt and stop unity in numbers. There will be sections that will be cordoned off. No one in and no one out. Some will emerge from this place as a voice for Me. They will see the wickedness and be a sounding alarm, it will still fall on deaf ears and hearts.

… Your entertainment industry is powerful, seductive and cleaver. They look like they are merely “artists”. They are servants of darkness. They perform rituals, sacrifices, ceremonies, incantations, spells and hexes all the while “acting”. Acting out parts that in reality are pictures, plans and schemes of My adversary. He is blatantly showing his hand to the world and the world falls before him in praise. Throwing themselves at his feet with money, time, lives and worship. The same is true for the sports industry. People believe what they see on the movie screen, on the sports fields and on the television. It is all a set up to steal the minds and hearts of the people.

You will see overtly proactive plans that disregard life and property the closer November 3rd comes. It will be blatant, yet there will be no consequences for this. You have not seen yet the depths that the evil one will go.

Turn back to Me My Chosen Ones. Leave the entertainment industry, leave the sports industry…do not believe what you see. Wake up and cry out to Me. I will hear from heaven.

There can be no time taken to untangle the mess. You must cut the strings to this world. You must cut the ties and you must come out of Babylon! Trying to untangle the mess still leaves you connected to all the false gods and idols of this world. Turn your back on them-cut the ties completely.

The bigger cities have felt the sting of destruction. Now the smaller cities are next. Do you think living in a quiet country setting will save you?

Where will you go? What will you do? For the scorching heat and sun will devour, there will be blight and pestilence and rains that are not soft and refreshing.

All this time I am calling out to my Chosen Ones..return back to Me.

…Fields and farms will be crushed. People that thought they could run and hide will feel the pressing.

Where will you go and what will you do? When you run out of options, you will return to Me. Cry out to Me My Chosen Ones. I will hear you. All this is happening to expose the deep darkness that surrounds this world.

But wait! All is not lost. In the midst of the scorching heat, the blight and rains will come a new fire. A burning fire in the bellies of men. The fire of revival will sweep over the world-not just your nation, but the world. …

I will visit man again for a great harvest is at hand.

The adversary will do all he can to quench and kill this fire of revival. He will not be able to withstand My Chosen Ones filled with the fire of revival! There will be suffering and hardships but there will be a great harvest of souls. The fire will grow….

This will be a summer of testing to usher in my fire of revival. Fire destroys on one hand but also brings a purging and purifying as well. This summer of testing must be met with fasting and prayer. Praise and worship. Holiness and purity. Make yourselves ready for My visitation.

Cry tears of repentance, cry tears of sorrow, cry tears of heartache and I will replace all your tears with My glory! …

Stay strong and see through this season of hardships and heartache to a greater season where I will visit man again. Is this not what you want?

It is what I want! Do not delay and put off preparing for such a time. I will use My Chosen Ones to gather in My Chosen Ones. Prepare for My glory to come in a revival of fire!

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